Even If Man-Made Global Warming Was Real, Environmentalists Would Still be Wrong

Man-made global warming would not make big government competent to fix it.

If you think that just because you are not personally a climate scientist you therefore have no right to an opinion about anything Al Gore says the government should do, you need to think again.

Ryan McMaken has written an excellent essay at Mises.org that points out the political fallacy. He writes in part:

It seems that for the global warming lobby, all that is necessary to set everything right is to hand control of the global economy over to governmental central planners. In their minds, the machinery of government only needs to be set in motion, and everything will be done with righteous precision to preserve the climatological status quo by increasing the cost of energy and cutting economic activity. The costs of such a venture, whether in money or in human lives and human comfort, need never be considered, because, we are told, the only alternative is the total destruction of planet earth.

This “Follow Us or Die!” routine is a propagandist’s dream of course, but in real life, where more rational heads — on occasion — prevail, the costs of any proposed government action must be considered against the costs of the alternatives. Moreover, the burden of proof is on those who wish to use government, since their plan involves using the violence of the state to carry out their proposed mandates.

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McMaken admits he is not a climate scientist. But he is an economist and he analyzes what the global warming lobby wants to impose on the world through government force.

Like the man who hysterically demands that everyone build a winter shelter his way or die, the global warming lobby thinks that its highly speculative, unproven, massively expensive, and poverty-producing plan is the prima facie solution to everything. Naturally, they want to use the coercive power of the state to force everyone to conform to their plans as well, and if a billion poor people have to pay a steep price, well, that’s a price that wealthy and upper middle-class academics and activists are willing to have the poor pay.

The bottom line is that, even if global warming is true, fixing global warming is still far more dangerous to the human race and to the future.