Even Leftist Ralph Nader Thinks Barack Obama Should be Impeached and That Congress is Abdicating

I will never agree with much of Nader’s perspective. I don’t think all his fear of corporations is entirely wrong. But the state is just a big corporation with guns. Trying to get the state to limit corporate power is a way of empowering the most dangerous corporation.

Nevertheless, even though I feel a bit guilty about it, I must confess that sometimes he makes me want to stand up and cheer. Yahoo News published an article on Nader and his new book about “an emerging Left-Right alliance.” Much of it I already knew or guessed, but I was surprised by this bit:

When it comes to the current president, Nader said that Obama has violated the Constitution on several occasions and should be impeached.

“Oh, most definitely,” Nader said when asked if Congress should bring forward articles of impeachment against Obama. “The reason why Congress doesn’t want to do it is because it’s abdicated its own responsibility under the Constitution.”

Nader said the president’s use of military force in Libya has been his most “egregious violation of the Constitution.”

Nader is absolutely right about Libya. The issue got enshrined in a public exchange between Senator Jeff Sessions and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Sessions: “We spent our time worrying about the UN, the Arab League, NATO, and too little time worrying about the elected representatives of the United States. Do you think you can act without Congress and initiate a No Fly Zone in Syria, without congressional approval?”

Panetta: “Again, our goal would be to seek international permission and we would come to the Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this. Whether or not we would want to get permission from the Congress, I think those are issues I think we would have to discuss as we decide what to do here.”

And Nader is also correct, as I have argued more than once, that Congress has abdicated.

I’m not arguing that Nader is necessarily wise in all things. But I think he shows how obvious the truth is, in this case.