Even Syrian Rebels Think Obama Is Fibbing About WMD

Just when you thought the Obama Administration couldn’t do anything that could make them more closely resemble the stereotype formed by the liberal accusations against George W. Bush, he finds a new way to imitate him. Not satisfied with expanding the use of drones and launching over six times as many strikes as Bush—with more expansions to come in his second term—Obama is now warning that a Middle East dictator has WMD. Liberals never tired of accusing Bush for lying about the possibility of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. But now the Obama Administration is claiming that Assad is getting ready to use chemical weapons.

Consistent with Obama’s humanitarian facelift to Bush’s foreign policy, Obama is claiming to be worried about the possibility that Assad might use the chemical weapons on his own people. But no one finds much reason to believe Obama’s accusations. The Russians definitely think it is a false claim. Of course, many Americans would not expect the Russians to admit that their ally was going to use chemical weapons. They are on the side of the government of Syria.

But what about Matt Drudge? He tweeted this week,

“Obama playing up ‘WMD’ threat in Syria is bold and hysterical. Who will go to UN to show ‘evidence’ this time? Maybe one of the Rices…”

Drudge seems to be alluding to Colin Powell, who went before the United Nations and claimed we had evidence of WMD and a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. It turned out he was misled.

But even more interesting than Drudge’s skepticism is the reaction of the Syrian rebels. The headline caught my eye, “Syrian rebels dispute US chemical weapons claims.

“U.S. and European Union politicians are ‘creating’ stories about Syrian chemical weapons developments as a precursor to enter Syria, says the main spokesman for rebels in the country. Abu Rami, speaking to WTOP from Homs, in western Syria, says the Free Syrian Army (FSA) believes politicians are fabricating the stories to ‘create a door to enter Syria to stop the violence’ in absence of a U.N. resolution.  ‘I believe they’ve reached the point where they feel they must intervene to make a hard step to stop Bashar al-Assad and his regime from killing people, so they are trying to create this opportunity to come through,’ Rami says. U.S. officials, according to several media sources this week, said the Syrian government put its chemical weapons corps on alert to ready themselves for preparation of such weapons, which include sarin, VX and mustard gases. Asked why he believed officials made the allegations, Rami – in a resentful tone that appears to have grown out of frustration – suggests guilt might be the reason. According to Rami, the Syrian people have suffered while the world essentially stood by and watched.”

If the rebels want the US to intervene, but are treating the claims about chemical weapons as fictions, then they must think the claims are rather flimsy.

What is amazing about this is that the Obama Administration has lost almost no credibility with the Left for this kind of obvious attempt to draw the United States into an unnecessary war. It is bad enough that we are supporting Al Qaeda affiliates to fight in a proxy war aimed at instituting regime change. But getting us further involved would be extremely dangerous. It would both destabilize the region and draw in our own soldiers, getting them killed for no good reason.