Every Tomboy and “Sissy” Male is a Target for the Transgender Industry

The Transgender Industry is revving up to feed off mandated insurance and the lives of children.

Yesterday I spotted this article in the Dallas News about a clinic at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. It reminded me of seeing Camille Paglia interviewed where she talked about what kind of girl she was. She said she was always extravagantly “gender non-conforming.” She gave as examples her Halloween costumes: a Roman soldier, a Matador, Napolean, and Hamlet.

But Camille Paglia has no problem understanding that she is a woman. She’s no conservative (she’s a lesbian) but she doesn’t claim to be a “transgender man.”

What she says in an off-hand comment is telling:

I’m happy that this talk about sex change—medical sex changes and surgical sex changes—was not in the air because I would have become obsessed that and assume that was my entire identity and problem. So that is why I am very concerned about the rush to surgical interventions today.

These comments occur at about the four minute mark. I have embedded the video at the bottom of this post.

So just because someone wants to identify as the opposite sex does not mean it is rational to feed them drugs and start cutting into them.

I have posted about another woman who remembers being extremely gender non-conforming but grew up to be a mother and wife. She wrote, with many examples to demonstrate what she was saying:

I wanted to be a boy.  Desperately wanted to be a boy.  I thought boys had more fun.  I felt like a boy in the way that our society views genders.  I liked blue and green more than pink and purple.  I remember sitting up as high as I could climb in our huge mulberry tree, bow & arrow in hand, trying to kiss my elbow (a neighbor lady had told me that if I could accomplish this, that I would turn into a boy, which was what I wanted in that moment, as a child, more than anything.)

Thankfully, my parents didn’t adhere to the archaic stereotypes that “boys like blue” and “girls like pink;”  that “boys play with dinosaurs, and girls play with dolls.”  Had they told me that liking these things made me a boy, I would have concluded that I was a boy.

But she hit adolescence and was free to develop into a satisfied woman. If her parents had insisted, on the basis of what she had said when she was younger, that she was a boy and was fixed as a boy, things could have gone really wrong for her.

Which brings me back to the article, “Free to be themselves: Children’s Medical Center Dallas opens clinic for transgender children and teenagers, the only pediatric center of its type in the Southwest.”

The world is about to become a very dangerous place for children who show any sign of not conforming to gender stereotypes! If you are a “sissy” boy or a tomboy you will find a lot of people are ready to make a lot of money telling you what you are, feeding you drugs to make you what they say you are (delay puberty so you don’t feel yourself change), and eventually getting you under the knife.

We are entering a horror-movie-level environment for children who don’t conform to gender expectations.