Evidence that Juries Give Us Our Police State

What is amazing about this story of the police state is that a police officer, who shot and killed a sleeping seven-year-old girl as she lay on her sofa, was brought to trial at all. But if you or I had decided to go into a residence in search of an alleged criminal, and had fired shots in a residence with several small children, killing one of them, then we would be in prison today.

But the jury ended up deadlocked, resulting in the second mistrial. The prosecutor does not plan to try a third time.

Remember, many cops think we deserve a SWAT raid for merely being registered gun owners, or even if we apply for a permit.

In this case, once again a group of armed and armored stormtroopers (which is called a “Special Response Team” in Detroit government Newspeak) swarmed into the wrong address–a residence containing a grandmother and her grandchildren.

PoliceStateUSA.com summarizes what happened:

swat team

A man named Mark Robinson was detained on the sidewalk while walking his dog, just before the raid. He repeatedly told officers, “There are children in the house,” yet his warnings went unheeded. He was pinned to the ground with officers’ boots on his neck and back, reported attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

The raid team was accompanied by an embedded cable TV crew, filming for A&E’s “The First 48.” With full bravado, the SRT put on a display of maximum force for the fans of police-state-adoring reality television.

Without warning, officers simultaneously attempted to breach entrances of two discrete living units of the duplex: the suspects’ location and the neighboring residence. What occurred at 4054 Lillibridge — where the suspect did NOT live — would be devastating.

In mere seconds, masked police officers stormed the porch and smashed the window of the neighbors’ downstairs apartment. They immediately tossed in a concussion grenade and kicked down the door. An officer discharged his rifle, and an innocent little girl named Aiyana Stanley-Jones was dead.

The cover up included producing a “retroactive” warrant after the killing to make it look as if the cops had not simply added to it themselves by invading a residence that had nothing to do with the suspect they were targeting. He had been a neighbor but never lived or visited that address.

Aiyana’s parents, Charles Jones and Dominika Stanley, were sleeping nearby and rushed toward the sound of the loud noise and tragic screams.  Mr. Jones was forced to lie on the floor, face-down in his daughter’s blood and shards of broken glass.

“Her blood was everywhere and I was trying to stay calm, but nobody would talk to me. None of them even tried to console me,” Mr. Jones told The Detroit News.  “I’ll never be the same.”

Ms. Stanley testified similarly that she was forced to sit on the couch spattered with her daughter’s blood for hours while police detained the family at the scene.

The shooter, Joseph Weekly, claimed later that the grandmother had attacked him with her bare hands, forcing his gun to go off. That story developed on the spot. At first, they simply had the grandmother sit still. Then hours later they cuffed her and dragged her off to be tested for drugs and for gun residue on her hands.

Ultimately, Weekly’s defense—aside from the transparent lie he told about the grandmother—boiled down to “I was only following orders.”

Weekley’s defense argued that he should not be scapegoated for behavior linked to the missteps of his bosses. His attorney, Steve Fishman, said in court filings that Weekley “had nothing to do with the planning of the raid and was merely a police officer assigned to a certain position … by a superior officer.” He argued that his client should not be deemed responsible for the “ineptitude of the officer assigned to deploy” the flashbang.

So basically no one can ever be held responsible as long as the planner and the executioners are two different people. That is absurd. The bottom line is that until juries clearly show these Law Enforcement Officers that they will be held responsible for their actions, they will never have a real incentive to ask questions about these planned raids and pay attention to what they see (like the children’s toys they marched past before killing a little girl).

How many more times is this going to happen? When will juries wake up?

And why on earth is Ferguson getting more media attention than cases like this?