More Evidence Obama & Pelosi Are Pathological Liars


Obama Pelosi

There is no other conclusion that can be honestly and fairly reached. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are pathological liars, and there is no legitimate reason to trust a word either of them says. The case of Jonathan Gruber confirms it.

Both of these “leaders” have denied even knowing Mr. Gruber in recent days, despite an irrefutable awareness of the existence of copious amounts of printed, audio, and video documentation that refutes those denials.

Nancy Pelosi extolled Gruber, and appealed to his expertise, in the process of advocating for Obamacare, but now she doesn’t know who he is? There are records Mr. Gruber was paid $400,000 by this Administration, and visited the White House at least nine times in the process of developing the Health Care fraud–including direct-evidence of meeting with Mr. Obama himself–but now Gruber allegedly “wasn’t on the team”?

I’m sorry, where do I sign up for my $400,000 check for not being on the team? (And, of course, Gruber’s White House connections allowed him to make untold millions more by helping various States set up their exchanges.)

Here is the bottom-line: Every single reporter should follow any comment from these two with the chaser: “Why should anyone believe you?” Answer: There is no reason to believe them. Ever. On anything.

They have proved themselves willing to lie to get their way, and nothing that leaves their lips should be given any credibility whatsoever. This has nothing to do with their sex or skin color; it is a matter of proven lack of character.

On the personal level, I am even more afraid because of what this says about half of my neighbors in this land, if they are not bothered enough by such behavior as to repudiate it in the strongest terms. Does this mean they’re ready to lie to me, too, if the ends “justify” it?

Do you think other leaders around the world are as clueless as the “stupid American voters” (Gruber’s term, of course)? There is no reason for anyone, anywhere to trust these two, and that’s a gravely serious problem for the United States.

Don’t be Grubered—don’t believe a word these two utter from here forward. They are not to be trusted. Period.