What “Evilstick” Tells Us About People in Power

People in power are not always in politics. Anyone in charge of large or influential groups—whether they be corporations, retail chains, philanthropic organizations, etc—has power. If we know that they are using their powers in ways we don’t like, we can be on our guard. But in many cases, we have an attitude of trust toward others and their decisions.

We don’t expect them to be trying to hurt us.

What if someone in power wanted to hurt us and get away with it? It isn’t hard to think of a strategy. What you need is plausible deniability. You need to be able to bait the trap and yet claim that the victim was given enough information to make an informed choice.

Welcome to Evilstick:


Imagine walking through a toy aisle filled with cheap junk and your toddler begs for it. Maybe you notice what the wand is called or maybe you don’t. Maybe you see this promise on the packaging:

evilstick wonderful music

So you buy it.

Later you find out it doesn’t make music. It makes horror noises.

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And a light illuminates an image behind the foil:

evil stick reveal

Here it is!

evilstick demonic self harm

Yes, that is a demon-eyed, fanged, girl cutting her own wrist with a large knife. You had better act quickly. I’m sure with Christmas coming they will be in short supply.

From  WHIO news:

Nicole Allen bought what she thought was a princess wand from a local dollar store earlier this week. A piece of foil came off the wand, and underneath there was a disturbing image of a girl cutting her wrists with a knife.

Allen said the toy’s packaging included a fairy, but the store owner told News Center 7’s Lauren Clark that the toy is called an “evil stick,” so the mother should have realized what she was buying.

So the entire toy seems to be nothing more than a delivery mechanism to push a nauseating image of demonic self-harm into the minds of toddlers.

And the store owner defends this? Here’s video of the story. You can listen to him for yourself.

I have no idea what is going on, but if it can happen with a child’s toy then it could happen on a child’s TV show or a DVD movie aimed at children. All the expectations you have about civilized behavior and general goodwill between people are merely weaknesses to be exploited as far as some powerful people are concerned.

Watch your back!