Ex-Employee Goes On Record About Pretend Work for Obamacare

Ah, the truth about how Progressivism succeeds!

Step One: Create sham companies where you can funnel billions of taxpayer dollars, and pay people enough that (most of the time) they will keep quiet about the fact they’re earning $17 per hour to do NOTHING!!

Step Two: Live high on stolen taxpayer money, while recycling a good chunk of it back into more Progressive causes to create additional scams.

From the Free Beacon:

Paula Bujewski was employed by Cognosante for two months. The company shared the same space as Serco. Cognosante worked with Serco to process healthcare applications. Serco had a $1.2 billion contract.

She shared experience with KMOV, “What I deducted from the time I was there is that somebody has figured out how to make a lot of money off this deal to do nothing.”

Most stunning of all was her claim that her supervisor admitted that if the company processed one or two applications a month, they would have done a satisfactory job. “It was a lot of money to be spent on that little bit of nothing,” she said.

Bujewski added, “They would tell us to come in dress professionally and act like we were working (to pretend) … pull our chairs in to our cubicles and yes, look at the screen as if we were reading things with fingers on the keyboard, and yes that’s exactly what we did.”

Talk about proof that much of modern government is nothing more than a criminal enterprise!

The saddest part: The woman in this interview STILL supports the Affordable Care Act, based on the story painted by its promoters. She cannot grasp that the entire thing is just like her so-called job–a sham, not intended to accomplish what was advertised, but instead to bring power and wealth to those at the top.

Wake up, Paula! Wake up, America!

P.S. I do commend Paula for her personal integrity, that she couldn’t continue to steal money by being part of a sham. The problem is that countless Americans working for government, and government contractors, have no such integrity.