Why Ex-Republicans Have Ditched The GOP

From the American Vision website:

The Frontier Lab study includes both conservative and moderate Republicans, and identified four key events that prompted individuals to “disaffiliate” from the party. One was the rejection of the “lesser of two evils” argument–the argument that voters had to support a bad Republican because the Democratic candidate would invariably be worse. Both conservatives and moderates are tired of the “two evils” argument. . . .

A second reason is closely related. Parting conservatives have expressed “loss of hope” in the party, but not just a general loss of hope—loss of hope specifically that by enduring the lesser of two evils tactic over time, the classic promise of that argument would materialize. That is, over time, and after many abuses, these people have lost hope that the party would change or effect change as promised. As director Anne Sorock puts it in the study, these people “often experienced an emotional exhaustion wherein they no longer felt hope that the party would deliver.”


I found myself shaking my head in agreement.

The Republican Establishment is controlled by sociopaths concerned for little more than their own power and wealth.

(Not that the Democratic leadership is any different, in that regard.)

We vote for liars and then gasp in wonder when we learn they’ve lied to us.