Exciting Compromise On Abortion To Please Both Liberals And Conservatives

There is a picture posted on Twitter by a black girl in which she is posing in a sexually suggestive position in what appears to be a doctor’s office–facing away from the mirror at which she aims her iPhone, one leg propped upon the counter beside her in an inviting manner, emphasizing her substantial derriere, or what is more commonly known among those who are attracted to such rakish behavior as “dat thang.”

She posted the picture for the world to see, accompanying it with the words, “Bout to get this abortion done doe,” “doe” being the parlance of sophisticated urban youths when they feel it makes them cooler to be ignorant of knowing how to properly spell or pronounce “though.”

And it is then that we realize she is taking the photo from inside an abortion clinic, not a doctor’s office, so proud is she of her forthcoming infanticide. She is sexualizing herself, presenting her body as a sex object just begging to get knocked up again.

The nauseating irony is that she got pregnant for behaving exactly as she’s behaving in the mirror (I assume she wasn’t raped because, if she were, she wouldn’t be acting so flippantly about something that resulted from that rape); she got pregnant by acting outside the abortion mill in the same way she is acting inside it.

Such deplorable people as this girl, who treat abortion as a means of birth control and think so little about the weight of the brutal act of violence the committing of which she is about to aid and abet, pose a strong case for sterilization.

It sounds inhumane, but consider it. What if, since America will never outlaw parents from killing their unborn, we conservatives offered this compromise: Republicans and conservatives will stop seeking the abolition of abortion—that’s what we’ll cede—if the women who get abortions allow themselves to be sterilized after their first abortion procedure. They would still have the choice to get an abortion, but they then lose the right to bear children thereafter. It’s a compromise.

Liberals always say they agree abortion is an unfortunate act, but they excuse it by saying, “At least she had the choice.” Well, that choice is made when the woman decides to have sex. If she gets pregnant, she makes up her mind whether to abort the kid and never have kids again, or give birth.

Following my suggestion, abortion would be greatly reduced and liberal women would still get to make that venerated choice they go on and on about. It’s a win for conservatives, but a double win for liberals. So what do you say, liberals? Are you open to some compromise?