Executive Branch Pushes for Global Warming Rules

He’s got a pen, a phone and a forked tongue, and he’s showing us how he intends to use them with every passing day.

Now that President Obama has gotten away with bragging in the State of the Union speech that he no longer needs Congress because he can pass laws just based on his own wonderfulness, the Democratic Party is living the life it has always dreamed of.

Nothing now stands in the way of the Left transforming the United States into a liberal fantasy land, and at the top of the wish list is global warming.

Liberals not only want climate change to be the reality, they are going to make it so with the sheer power of wishing.

As Secretary of State John “I Served in Vietnam” Kerry told students during his Asian tour, climate change is an indisputable FACT.

(You might be confused by the fact that there’s been no global warming in 15 years, but just remember, it’s only a FACT if the Left shouts it from the rooftops, and FACT always trumps fact.)

President Obama was in Fresno, California, recently, telling farmers forced out of their parched family businesses because of a judge’s decision to protect a non-native sardine and state leaders’ plans to build a high-speed rail to nowhere that global warming was the real culprit.

Even the New York Times ran a story over the weekend disputing Obama’s claim and attributing the current drought to natural variability in an arid state.

It’s exactly that sort of attitude that has driven a group of congressmen led by Sens. Bernie Sanders and Brian Schatz to collect signatures on a nasty letter to ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox demanding that the networks spend more time promoting global warming.

Sanders cites “data” from George Soros’ Media Matters claiming that the networks’ coverage of global warming has gone down by more than 80 percent since 2009.

It’s clear where this is heading.

Unfettered by any constitutional rules, the president is now free to do whatever he pleases, and even the goofiest of environmental ideas no longer has to pass any sort of rational review. International global warming treaties, carbon exchanges, cattle regulations, new automobile restrictions … all of it is not only on the table, it’s on your plate, and you are expected to swallow every last bite or you will get no dessert, mister.

There will be no debate, because the last thing liberals want is to have to prove their wacko theories. Merely speaking them should be sufficient for the people to accept them as divine writ.

And similarly, the notion that Obama can magically save us from the evil climate change should also be assumed.

It won’t be long before anyone who doubts any aspect of the liberal agenda will get to spend time cooling his heels in a nice, air-conditioned prison camp, just to make it easier for the masters of America to rule without the bother of challenges.

Ah, yes, it’s great to be king, and it’s only going to get better.