Executive Branch Pushes the Pansexual Revolution onto American Society… Some More

One of the proofs that the United States culture is resistant to Homosexual “marriage” is the way that it is being forced onto American society. Marriage has been a product of common law as mediated and enforced through the states. The Federal government’s responsibilities to marriage were minimal and secondary. It simply acknowledged the society and legal framework of the states.

So the Federal government shouldn’t have to force a redefinition of marriage on the states. It should come from the states themselves—something that has happened in very few cases. Even in those cases it was mostly through judicial fiat. It is rarely something that people in various districts in the states sent representatives to their state capitol to enact through legislation. It is also something that rarely (if ever?) gets past state referendums. Homosexuals are still exacting vengeance on people who dared support real marriage in California. If even California voted down “gay marriage,” so-called, how much more can we expect red state America to reject it.

But, if there is a role for the Federal Government with regard to marriage law, it ought to be the legislative branch. The legislative branch is the branch of government most closely associated with democracy and, therefore, with the expectations and standards of American society. That is why they, with the Senate, are the legislature. The assumption of our system is that they are the ones who write new laws or change laws when it is necessary.

That is not, however, the part of the Federal government that is pushing homosexual “marriage.” The push is coming from the Executive branch.

Again, if you have any doubts that the United States still believes that marriage is a bond between a male and a female human, then ask yourself: Why should the executive branch, waiting until the second term, be the source of most of the change? (Remember, Obama first won office by claiming that he didn’t believe in homosexual marriage.)

Thus, from Newser.com:

The White House is rolling out a slew of reforms today that will extend to same-sex married couples many of the federal benefits long reserved for straight couples. And in “almost all instances,” the couples will get those benefits whether the state they live in recognizes same-sex marriage or not, an official tells the New York Times. The changes include:

  • The IRS will now recognize same-sex couples
  • Immigration law will treat same-sex couples the same as heterosexual ones
  • Same-sex spouses of federal employees will get health and life insurance
  • Employees of private firms will be able to take leave to tend to same-sex spouses under the Family and Medical Leave Act.


News came on Monday that Obama will sign an executive order banning discrimination against some gay people.

I have no idea how much damage the President is capable of doing. Perhaps Obama will truly transform the culture by his use of executive power. I hope not. And my sense is that these rapid changes could just as easily spring back into place. Claiming that men and women are interchangeable in families is simply not a claim that can win the agreement of intelligent people.

Especially not when that practice is being shoved down our throats by a narcissist.