Exodus: Is It Time to Go Beyond Hollywood?

A forthcoming documentary may give us help to consider the Exodus as the Bible describes it.

Lots of hype surrounding the Hollywood film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” these days… but what really happened thousands of years ago in Egypt? Was there an Exodus? Is there evidence?

You owe it to yourself (and to God!) to make up your mind about these things. Here is something that might be helpful:

Many scholars personally hate the Bible because its message stomps on their desire to be gods themselves—and posits the uncomfortable reality that there is a Creator Who has every right to rule over us. Yet the plain fact is that where hard evidence has been uncovered through the Centuries, not one find has definitively proved any aspect of Biblical history incorrect, and innumerable discoveries have amazingly confirmed point, after point, after point, after event, after event, after event.

exodus movie

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I say again: Truth has no fear of contradiction. If all you want is the truth, then you welcome every sincere and honest study of evidence. But if there are certain truths you cannot accept… then be afraid… be very afraid.