Face It: Public Schools Are Our Overlords

As the Blaze describes it, a man went to a school meeting because the school had assigned a book to his daughter with a scorching sex scene in it. The police came and arrested him at that meeting for violating a two minute rule.

Here’s how it shakes down.

  1. Tell parents you are assigning an important book for their children to read.
  2. Assign book with graphic description of a rough sexual encounter to which parents do not expect the school to expose their child.
  3. Hold school meeting.
  4. Treat parental outrage as some sort of act of aggression.
  5. Have police arrest parent.

Before I say anything more about how outrageous our schools are, I should mention how one of the problems is that most of them have armies of willing occupying troops available to them who are quite open to arresting an outraged parent for speaking. There was a time in this country when a police officer would tell the school “authorities” to enforce the two-minute rule themselves.

But notice how empowering this whole procedure is for the school. Their best bet is to avoid transparency and parental involvement. It is much better to shock them into outrage by surprising them by what they do to their children. Then, as a result of the outrage, they get to summon the police to “take out” the outraged parent.

It is a beautiful strategy. The school can go on pretending that meetings are to give “the public” a chance to speak. But the real objective is to simply pretend that the meetings represent some kind of local democracy in action. But just like national democracy, the whole system is about control. By limiting the time no one gets to say anything substantial. Then the police can be used to haul away the one who dares actually try to use a public venue to make a sustained case. So the meeting is never about empowering the public. It is about teaching the public that the schools are in control and you had better not get out of line.

Do you think if the school official facing the audience had violated some rule of order that the police would have allowed themselves to be summoned by one of the parents to arrest the school official? That is unimaginable. The police are there to do what the school officials want them to do.

In the meantime, our sons and daughters are the schools’ property. They can expose them to anything they want.