Face Paint Offensive; Forced Brainwashing Fine

Arizona State University goes fascist because some students wore face paint to match team uniforms.

thought police

I don’t understand liking football enough to go and sit through a game, let alone painting one’s face to match the team colors. But fans do it all the time—including college students rooting for their college team.

So, ASU had a “blackout” game where the usual team colors were not on display. The college actively encouraged fans to wear black to match the special team colors. No one is claiming this was racially motivated (which is pretty amazing, since the world is full of idiots who are primed and ready to make such associations).

Naturally, those ardent fans who would paint their faces with team colors painted their faces black!

And this was either racist or racially insensitive.

The college has now banned all face paint to games of any color. As the Daily Caller reports,

Now, because of the black face paint, the Arizona State athletic department has asked all students not to wear any kind of face paint whatsoever to future sporting events, the Arizona Daily Independent reports.

In addition, the public school’s student council will now consider a bill intended — somehow — to prevent anyone from wearing black face at a campus event ever again, according to The State Press, Arizona State’s student newspaper.

The message from the athletic department proclaims:

“As an inclusive and forward-thinking university, it is important for us to foster an environment in which everyone feels safe and accepted. Therefore, we discourage the use of face paint at any event, whether the theme is black, maroon, gold or white, and ask our fans to show their Sun Devil Pride in other ways.”


The students who donned the black face paint told The Arizona Republic they had no intention of causing offense to anyone.

“Forward thinking”? What self-congratulatory morons run our schools! Face paint for a football games seems silly to me, but banning it is infantile. And banning it because people painted their faces black to match school colors is stupid.

But some won’t be satisfied until the school but the students through local re-education camps. Kyle Denman, the president of Arizona State’s Black and African Coalition, said, that black face paint “puts us back in that stereotypical box we have been placed in for so many years, saying this is who we are.”

What on earth is he talking about? They don’t own the pigment. It had nothing to do with them.

And then we come to Denman’s desired penalties:

I think the immediate consequences should be not allowing them into the event and then make them attend these events like caucuses or classroom workshops where they are made aware of why it is culturally insensitive to students who are Native American or African American or whatever race it is that they identify with or sex or whatever, because it goes either way.

This is a revenge fantasy for an imaginary crime. The fact that Denman thinks other people are haters is the irony to which he is blind.

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Denman, having suggested banning students from events that they paid to attend, ending free expression and speech, and—oh yeah—inflicting mandatory re-education on them, now complains that he has been threatened. But I see no mention of police investigation and wonder what exactly he considers a threat. He told the Arizona Republic, “People saying our coalition should be disbanded because it’s racist. They called us buffoons. It’s been really bad.” If that is what he means by “threats,” I think he is misusing language.

Making up offenses that have nothing to do with you in order to call for mandatory brainwashing is what ought to count as a threat.