Failures In Analogies: Embryos Of People Comparable To Acorns

Something I’ve noticed is that liberals, in arguing their political beliefs, often make analogies that make no sense. It’s called the false equivalence fallacy. They also—and this is just speaking generally—have a hard time understanding analogies made by others. So their false equivalencies are obviously tied to their inability to understand analogies. Liberals have accused me of making false equivalencies too, but that’s because, again, they just do not have the ability to comprehend analogies.

I am about to begin talking about abortion, but because I am a male, this matriarchal society says I do not have that right. So for the purposes of this writing, I am now declaring myself transgender. I am a woman trapped in a man’s body. My biology is male, but because I feel and believe that I am a female, I am a female. Because I am a female, I can now talk about abortion freely and without fear of discrimination or persecution.

One of the false equivalencies liberals like to make is that of an egg you eat for breakfast to a human fetus. We have all seen this. I saw it just a few days ago on Tumblr, the social media site, when a liberal joked, “Do pro-life people eat chickens sunny side up for breakfast?”

Eggs we buy at the grocery store are not fertilized eggs. There was no embryo growing in them when the farmers collected them. Eating them is like eating the unfertilized eggs a woman’s body releases every month (we’re not cannibals, though, so we don’t do that). No life is being destroyed. And if it were the case that unborn chickens were being scrambled up in our frying pans, so what? It’s a chicken. There is no comparable value between a chicken and a human. We pro-lifers are not strictly pro-life; we are pro-human-life; just as pro-choicers are not strictly pro-choice, but pro-choose-abortion-ists.

The other false equivalency liberals make to an unborn human is an acorn: “Human embryos are not people and acorns are not trees.”

Well, yes, but acorns do have living plants inside of them. The plants inside acorns are not trees yet, but neither is the inch-high sprout of a trident oak tree. Yet no one would argue that the sprout is not a plant. Of course, the sprout would not be analogous to a human embryo, but to a newborn baby.

Liberals do not get their comparisons correct when they make this “embryo/acorn, people/trees” argument. They compare the human embryo to the acorn, even though an acorn is analogous to a uterus, not to an embryo. They analogize “people” with “trees,” when the correct analogy would be “people” and “plants.” Being that a human is a person and a person is a human, liberals, if they understood analogies, would say, “Human embryos are not humans, and plant embryos are not plants.” If they could successfully form such an accurate analogy, they might then realize the absurdity in saying that plant embryos are not plants, and thus realize the absurdity in saying that human embryos are not humans.

But liberals simply can’t wrap their minds around how to form analogies.

And now I no longer consider myself transgendered. Commence transmogrification back into a male.