Fair or Not, Millennials Need to Hustle

Claiming it is unfair to tell Millennials to get a job is irrelevant.

Millennials have shown a great deal of promise, in my opinion. I may have formed some unfavorable impressions of them but I have also seen some great things. Most recently, the citizen journalist who has launched an amazing attack on Planned Parenthood is a Millennial. And the way he has been treated by the old guard (a name that can be taken quite literally in most cases) is akin to a blue-hair telling a youth that children should be seen and not heard.

And while this video has appeared on the blog before, it probably overstates the truth:

But something about a recent headline at Rare.Us bothers me: “Why telling Millennials to “be less lazy” or “just get a job” isn’t exactly fair.”

At Reason, economist Veronique de Rugy offers a compelling—if depressing—look at “how the federal government betrayed Millennials” with interventionist economic policies that make it uniquely difficult for young people today to get a good start in life.

Absolutely true. And how many Millennials are against minimum wage, which de Rugy mentions, and other “interventionist economic policies”? Precious few, as far as I know.

Other government-imposed disadvantages are listed: the public school system has left Millennials more ignorant than they should be (and more conditioned in a lot of negative ways). The price of college tuition has been raised by government action. Unpaid internships are virtually illegal now, so getting an entry into an industry is now that much more difficult. Licensing requirements hurt the young, especially minority youth.

Also, Rare.US has pointed out that Social Security is taxing the young to support the old (no one is getting back “what they paid in” because that was spent long ago). Obamacare does the same thing.

So the references to laziness probably need to be swallowed rather than spoken. We all tend to see flaws in others and virtues in ourselves. That is true on a generational level.

But nothing is “exactly fair.”

And it doesn’t matter how much the government has robbed any of us. The government can’t pay it back. The government can’t make restitution for its many depredations and plundering because it has nothing with which to pay anyone back. The government cannot correct the crimes of history and set anyone up in a “fair” position going forward in life.

Think about the Great Depression. That generation had to work like dogs to get through it. (Plus they had to deal with FDR lengthening it and the brain fog by his propagandists convincing them to feel grateful for his work.)

There is no alternative to building a future other than building a future.

Millennials are at a disadvantage to the generation of the Great Depression because that generation had been mostly raised in a way that valued work and didn’t expect government to be a savior. Many Millennials have, thanks to our own and former generations, been raised with different expectations. And they are delusional. No help is coming from anywhere.

So it doesn’t matter how unfair it is. You have got to constantly search for opportunities, and you have to find that job (or jobs!). I hope the economy will get better, but if people don’t work and work hard, no other factor is going to improve it.

And the fact is, many people who are far older than Millennials have to do the same thing.

So no shirking. And no complaining about the unfairness of it all. It will never be fair unless perhaps we work to create a situation that is fair.

So, all of us, get to work!

And, while you’re working, find time to defy and eliminate the jobs of politicians. That is the only way to get financial relief for the generation.

Abolish the parasite class.