Fake CIA Agent and EPA Fake Science

An EPA employee who scammed the agency and taxpayers also scammed us with fake science for regulations.

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When the little bit of work you do helps promote the Scam of the Millennium (Climate Change) you can get away with just about anything, and your government co-workers will help cover it up.

Behold the picture of government efficiency, and hard work: John Beale.

From the Daily Signal: “How This Phony CIA Agent Pulled Off a ‘Scam’ to Impose Environmental Regulations on Americans.”

According to the Senate report, Beale’s career at the EPA was marked by relentless dishonesty on matters large and small and a cadre of supervisors who, like [EPA Administrator Gina] McCarthy apparently in the matter of his retirement pay, enabled his self-dealing behaviors.

He claimed an injury so he could ride first-class on flights for government business, which in one case drove the ticket price from $1,000 to $14,000. He forged expense forms, claimed to be away on CIA business for 2½ years worth of work days and flew to Los Angeles and stayed in posh hotels on the EPA’s tab for family visits that had nothing to do with agency work.


McCarthy had cause to fire Beale, but instead elected to allow him to voluntarily retire with full benefits.

As this investigative report details, however, his bilking of taxpayers for his own benefit absolutely pales in comparison to the billions he cost American businesses and citizens through the work he fraudulently manufactured when he did show up at the office. Just another sociopath living high at our expense, and generally making our lives miserable.

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But Beale’s greatest deception has nothing to do with first-class flights and fancy hotels.

Beale, who is serving a 32-month sentence in the federal prison in Cumberland, Md., for pleading guilty to felony theft of government property, spent most of his career devising regulations under the Clean Air Act that are justified by science few have seen and no one has peer-reviewed, according to the Senate report.

Notice how government agencies can have abysmal record-keeping, zero accountability and it’s no big deal, but God help you if you make an innocent mistake on your taxes.

The EPA is one more Federal agency that should be de-funded, and shut down. The corruption is too deep for mere reforms. The bureaucratic cancer is fatal.