Fake Hate Crime “Art Project”

An African American hung racial segregation signs around a college campus, claiming later that the fake hate crime was “art.”

When I first saw the headlines about this incident I thought it was a false flag hate crime like the Lesbian couple who reported arson by homophobes when they were the ones who set the fire. But while this was temporarily a fake hate crime, it seems it was never intended to falsely accuse others—at least not in the long term.

EAG News reports, “Black student admits hanging ‘White Only,’ ‘Black Only’ signs near school bathrooms, water fountains.”

Cries of racism broke out across the campus of the University of Buffalo this week when students found Jim Crow-esque signs in a building on campus.

Someone had posted “White Only” and “Black Only” signs near several bathrooms and water fountains in Clemens Hall.

“It brought up feelings of the past of a past that our generation has never seen which I think is why it was so shocking for us to see,” Micah Oliver, president for the Black Student Union, tells ABC 27.

More than 100 students turned out to a Black Student Union meeting to discuss the signs.

“There was fear expressed, anger, disappointment – all of that,” according to Oliver.

Then, in the middle of that meeting expressing all that angst, a black graduate student, Ashley Powell, publicly admitted that she had posted the signs. She said it was an “art project.”

The students were extremely upset, accusing Powell of “terrorism” and being “racist.”

Powell later wrote an apology that was not really an apology because she immediately retracted it and told those who were offended that she was helping them. (My emphasis in the quotation below.)

“I apologize for the extreme trauma, fear, and actual hurt and pain these signs brought about,” Powell said in the statement, according to The Spectrum, the student newspaper.

“I apologize if you were hurt, but I do not apologize for what I did. Once again, this is my art practice. My work directly involves black trauma and non-white suffering. I do not believe that there can be social healing without first coming to terms with and expressing our own pain, rage, and trauma.”

What I find amazing is how much a person can expect to get away with as long as she can claim her motives were pure. If a white student had done the exact same thing he would have been in a lot more trouble.