Falsehoods Involved In Selling Obamacare At Every Level

Here’s a local story that reveals a typical tangle of confusion and imbecility that we should all now expect since the rollout and then the “fixing” of Healthcare.gov. It contains several stories of people losing their insurance, not being able to verify their insurance, or being billed multiple times for the same insurance.

But the part that interested me most was a woman who got her own local version of, “If you like your plan you can keep your plan.”

Blue Cross is just one of several health insurers caught by the flood of new customers created under the ACA.

Joy Dertinger is pregnant and says she has another kind of customer service problem with the company.

“I feel deceived,” she says.

Dertinger says before switching to Blue Cross Blue Shield she was assured her child’s birth would be covered at Silver Cross Hospital, where her existing doctor practices. But she says after she paid her premium she was told no.

It’s an emotional issue for her. She almost lost her first child during birth and wants to stay with the hospital and doctors who saved her first baby.

“I’m really nervous,” she says.

Blue Cross officials tell the 2 Investigators they have resolved the payment issues for the people CBS 2 interviewed.

They say they are working to get Dertinger a waiver so she can stay with her doctors during her pregnancy.

So the character of our Barack Obama, who lied and is still lying to promote Obamacare, seems to have infected the entire way the law operates. People are being told false information in order to encourage them to sign up. They are being given a false sense of security until it is too late.

It is pretty obvious to me now, having reflected on the chaos, that the chaos itself was the goal. The plan seems based on simple faith that destroying what exists will give rise to a new order. Obamacare never needed to work. It only needed to obliterate everything else. If I’m right, then the Affordable Care Act is more revolutionary than the administration is admitting. It is truly a policy based on regeneration through chaos. It is prime evidence that Obama really has Marxist beliefs.