Fascists Force Capitalists to be Quiet about Fascism

John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, compared Obamacare to fascism. As usual, the fascists took offense. “Fascists seek to unify their nation through a totalitarian state that seeks the mass mobilization of the national community through discipline, indoctrination, and physical training.” Except for the physical training, the Obama government is a modern-day example of fascism. “It promotes regulated private enterprise and private property contingent whenever beneficial to the nation and state enterprise and state property whenever necessary to protect its interests.”

A number of Whole Food customers are taking out their pro-Obama rage on the upscale health food store chain because of Mackey’s criticism of their political god, you know, the one that the latest online issue of Newsweek declared to be the embodiment of “The Second Coming.” Here’s one example:

“I am very offended over your comparing President Obama’s health care program to fascism. Your apology probably is only for fear of losing customers, which I certainly hope you will. I will never speak highly of your store again, and I will certainly cut back on my shopping there. Shame on you,” wrote Dorothy Blalock.

I wonder how this person would have felt if Mr. Mackey had compared President Obama’s economic policies to socialism. In fact, it was Newsweek magazine that pronounced on the cover of a February 2009 issue that “We’re All Socialists Now.” There were many times when President Obama was said to be a socialist. Where was the outrage then?

The fact is, so many people are comfortable with socialism that they don’t see it as a destructive worldview. They are socialists, and they vote for socialists.

But there is a closer alliance of socialism and Nazism than with fascism, although there were fascist elements in Nazism. In fact, Nazism is a shortened form for “National Socialism.” Far from being a political and social movement of the Right, Nazism is on the Left side of the political spectrum. The Nazis killed their millions, while liberals in the United States have killed their 60+ millions in abortions alone. Yesterday, January 22, marked the 40th year of that dreadful anniversary with nothing to stop it as long as President Obama is President and Democrats control the Senate and the Supreme Court has at least four pro-abortion votes.

These same Whole Food shopping fascists apparently didn’t realize that Mackey “likened Obamacare to socialism” in a 2009 Wall Street Journal article. He has since clarified his designation:

“Technically speaking, it’s more like fascism,” Mackey told NPR. “Socialism is where the government owns the means of production. In fascism, the government doesn’t own the means of production but they do control it. And that’s what’s happening with our health care program with these reforms.”

So Mackey is getting hammered by some of his socially leftist patrons for telling the truth about Fascism and is getting persecuted for it. This is what fascists do.

A similar thing happened to pro-golfer Phil Mickelson. He spoke out against how higher federal and state income taxes (he lives in California) are going to affect his bottom line. He has since backed off from his comments. Why? Someone got to him. Maybe it was his agent telling him that you can’t tell conservative truths when fascists are in control of the government, the media, and the voting booth.