Fast Food Workers Face Unemployment Because Barack Obama Raised Their Wages

Fast food workers need a raise, we are told. They need a living wage, we are told. Calling the minimum wage a “job killer” is simplistic, we are assured. McDonald’s is mistreating workers by not paying them more.

So now Barack Obama has produced new evidence. He raised the wages of fast-food workers. You probably didn’t know he could do such a thing. But it turns out that some government contractors are fast food workers.

From CNBC: “Wage hike might mean fewer fast food joints on bases.”

Hundreds of fast-food joints on U.S. military bases may close starting next year, but not because of any push for healthier dining options.

New regulations requiring increased wages and benefits for federal contract workers on military bases could result in job losses and fewer food choices for service members and their families, according to 40 lawmakers in Washington who signed a letter last week calling on the Labor Department to exempt some military exchanges, which include on-base fast food establishments, from the new rules.


The compensation boost for workers would come from two sources. One is an update to the Service Contract Act’s health and welfare rate, which requires that most federal contract workers receive wages and benefits similar to those prevailing in the locality.

That means significant raises for federal contract workers on bases in states such as Washington, which has the highest minimum wage, at $9.32 an hour.

The other source is an across-the-board increase in the minimum wage for federal contract workers starting in 2015. That stems from an executive order signed by President Obama in February that will boost the hourly pay rate to $10.10 for all new and renewed contracts. The rate will be adjusted annually to keep pace with inflation.

So there you have it. Wages were raised and now businesses are closing. This is exactly what non-delusional economists have been predicting will happen.

Will this stop liberals from agitating for a higher minimum wage? I doubt it. Just like Obama promised with Obamacare, they all insist that, if you like your job, you can keep your job.