Father Deals with Daughter’s Pimp with Baseball Bat

We can be glad a baseball bat is still legal in the United States (in most places).

But this took place in Memphis.

According to the NY Daily News: “Tenn. dad attacks alleged pimp with baseball bat for trafficking 12-year-old daughter: police.”

A Tennessee dad reportedly armed himself with a baseball bat while attacking a man he suspected of pimping out his 12-year-old daughter.

The ferocious father’s intended punching bag, identified as Brian Jones, ended up calling Memphis police himself after winding up locked in the back of a van Sunday, WMC reported.

Before officers arrived at the scene they were flagged down by the child’s father who accused Jones of holding his daughter against her will to perform sexual acts on several men.

Jones, 33, admitted to allowing someone to bring the 12-year-old girl into his apartment, police said.

He also allegedly admitted to knowing that she was involved in sexual activity in one of his bedrooms.

So let me ask you. How many police departments have the resources to actually help girls in this situation or assist parents in neighborhoods where this happens?

baseball bat

The problem is straight-forward. Socialism doesn’t work. Security is an economic good. Rich people pay for their own. Middle-class people rely on government supplied security. We all know of areas where we must not walk at night. An inadequate supply of security has been allocated to those areas. Government’s attempt to allocate resources produces shortages.

So, while this eventually got the attention of the Memphis police, the father probably couldn’t have gotten their help any other way. He didn’t wait for the government to help him. He took action himself using his own resources and labor.

The police consist of many good people, but the economics is inescapable: police end up being used for revenue collection and to make sure the crime problems of poor neighborhoods don’t spread to better areas. Rescuing a twelve-year-old rarely overlaps with the priorities that are imposed on policemen.

The accused pimp is being held on $200,000 bond. He is charged with sex trafficking and two counts of raping a child.

What makes this story end well (or as well as it can under the horrific circumstances) is that there is no sign that the police resented the father for taking action. That is wonderful but it could easily have gone the other way. In many places and times, the police act like their revenue collecting and occasional actions to protect “the public” means that no one can deal with crime themselves.

But how can a relatively small group of government employees be expected to deal with all the problems that arise in society? People need to feel empowered to deal with crime. The word “vigilantism” needs to be renovated. It doesn’t have to mean lawless vengeance. It simply means people working to take care of themselves.

And this doesn’t mean anarchy or lawlessness. This father didn’t try to punish the pimp. He also didn’t hold himself above the law or the courts. No, he cooperated with the courts. There is nothing about acknowledging the limits of the police, and empowering normal people, that means these people must become killers or otherwise refuse to submit themselves to the courts.

The police, after all, are not supposed to be occupying troops, but public servants. They are only supposed to be doing what people can do for themselves—policing themselves.

This father did the right thing. Parents everywhere should take note.

While you are thinking on this story, consider the case of the Mexicans dealing with drug cartels, or the private business—the Threat Management Center—providing security in Detroit (as well as private security being used in Oakland, CA).