Father Shoots Intruder In Daughter’s Room; Daughter Confesses She Invited Him In

The first lesson here is: Don’t trespass on someone else’s home or someone’s daughter—even if the daughter invites you in.

From KHOU.com:

A Spring-area dad fatally shot a teen boy he found in his daughter’s bedroom early Thursday morning, deputies said.

The shooting happened inside a home on Bridgestone Ridge near Bridgestone Path.

Harris County Precinct 4 Deputy Constables were the first to respond after someone called 911 around 2:30 a.m. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the shooting.

Investigators said the father accused in the shooting woke up to find the male teen in his 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

According to detectives, his 16-year-old daughter let a 17-year-old boy in the house and snuck him into her bedroom.

Her younger brother went to say good night and saw two feet sticking out under the bed, detectives said. He then went to get his father.

The father walked in and asked questions, but his daughter claimed to not to know the male teen. The father then called 911, but an argument ensued with the teenage boy.

The father told police the boy dropped his hands as if to grab something, so the man opened fire. The teen died at the scene.

I’ve heard that armed societies tend to be polite societies. I haven’t studied the issue closely but this incident fits in well with that claim. There was a time when most young men knew that, if they were interested in a young woman, they needed to introduce themselves to her father and try to make a good impression.

That idea is pretty much missing from our society along with many others. It probably seems quaint and Andy-Griffith-like to many people now.

So what happens when society loses the self-directing rules of engagement? They get more police and more bureaucrats. The police get more heavily weaponized and the bureaucrats gain more absolute power.

I suppose some people think that it has to happen that way and that it is even a good trade-off. They will consider this tragedy a proof that we need to ban guns or some such thing.

But how many accidental deaths happen by the hands of policemen, not to intruders in private homes with daughters but out on the street trying to get a cane to stand or minding one’s own business in one’s home?

If you try to make a world where tragedies can’t happen by giving someone the authority to make it better, you will end up in a much worse place.