FBI: ISIS Investigations in Nearly Every State

Little did we know at the time┬áPresident Obama said he had terrorists “on the run” that he meant on the run across the United States border.


But since His Majesty has invited everybody and their grandmas from around the world to break our immigration laws and win a prize, it shouldn’t be a surprise that maybe one or two “instant Americans” might be disreputable sorts.

FBI Director James Comey was in Mississippi the other day, giving a speech about terrorism, when he casually mentioned that the agency currently has open investigations into individuals and groups possibly connected to ISIS in every state of the Union, except for Alaska.

(Even the moronic jihadi rapists of ISIS know they wouldn’t stand a chance against Alaskan women. Sarah Palin and the rest of the ladies in the Arctic Circle would have them bagged, tagged, stuffed and mounted on the wall before you could say “Allahu akbar.”)

Comey stressed that ISIS is not just a threat to law enforcement but to ordinary citizens as well, and he warned that some would-be jihadis could be getting their training from the Internet.

“Mississippi is a great state, but like all 50 states it has troubled souls that might look to find meaning in this sick, misguided way,” he said. “The challenge that we face in law enforcement is that they may be getting exposed to that poison and that training in their basement. They’re sitting there consuming and may emerge from the basement to kill people of any sort, which is the call of ISIL, just kill somebody.”

Comey also made a pitch for not restricting gathering of information, saying that such laws could lead to suspects avoiding detection.

I suppose it makes sense for a lawman to think like that, but our country is already an Orwellian nightmare, between cameras in all the public places and drones operated by the government and unknown private entities.

Rather than expanding police surveillance, the answer may involve simpler and more low-tech solutions, such as actually controlling the border and not allowing every Tom, Dick and Hussein through.

Regardless of any systems put in place to stop terrorists, police can’t be everywhere, and individuals have to keep an eye out for what’s happening in their neighborhoods, Comey said.

“Ordinary folks should listen to the hair on the back of their neck,” he said. “We’ve gone back through every homegrown violent extremist case in the United States and studied it. In every single case, someone saw something online, at a religious institution, in a family setting, at a school, that was weird, that was out of place, this person was acting in a way that didn’t make sense.”

Ratting out your neighbors is another one of those activities that could easily cross the line. Still, Comey does make a valid point about observation. A few people have good situational awareness, but your average person is out to lunch. (I’m reminded of a photo recently floating across the Internet, in which a man is looking at his smartphone while a humpback whale surfaces mere feet from him, unnoticed.)

Americans need to wake up and stop treating Islam like it’s some sort of sacred object that can’t be touched and must be venerated.

It’s not. It’s a blood-thirsty religion whose adherents aim to take over the world. And it’s right here, right now.