FBI Pushed Junk Science on Mass Shooting Trends

We were assured mass shooting occurrences were increasing. We were fed junk science.

As you read this short article, think: Climate Change science. From the Patriot Post:

Last fall, we noted that the FBI used bogus stats in its pre-election mass shooting report. Researchers counted some mass shootings that weren’t “mass” at all, and entirely omitted actual mass shootings that occurred early in the carefully selected timeframe. All of it was an effort to show an increasing trend of “gun violence” since 2000, we suspect in concert with Democrat campaign talking points about the necessity of gun control. The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley picked up on a quiet announcement that, indeed, the researchers pretty much made it up.

I can’t count how many times I’ve had people protest my “climate change denier” status by pointing to the “scientific consensus.” Many are absolutely aghast that I would question whether the individuals putting out the data might be… gasp… biased and lying in their conclusions.

Many of the same people are quick to point to the “nefarious and evil” Koch brothers—who are supposedly funding everything dark and wicked—but they refuse to even momentarily ponder that government money (stolen from taxpayers, rather than earned in free commerce) might be used to “encourage” results in line with the wishes of those handing over the checks.

This brief look into FBI data from 2014 illustrates the point that government numbers are often totally cooked to portray something that simply isn’t true. It’s a bit hollow to see the Academics trying to salvage their reputations years later—well after the checks have been cashed, and the damage done. There are so many who are willing to prostitute themselves for a bit of notoriety and fortune.

The recent NOAA report arose from the same abyss of deceit as the FBI statistical report on “mass shooting” violence. Face it: Everyone has a bias, and is liable to being influenced by the Siren Song of mammon.

The same people who hide trade negotiations, abuse taxpayers, lie about economic and unemployment numbers, molest young boys and girls, take measureless bribes under the table, and completely sell their souls for fleeting earthly power and money are simply not to be believed when they say “trust me.”

It’s an imperfect world because it’s filled with self-serving, evil people. Deal with it, and pray for God to grant a spiritual awakening. This is why the Founders tried their best to keep too much power out of any one set of hands.

In the context of current discussions about international trade, the TPP, etc., we should be looking to bring power back into local communities instead of investing even more authority in national and international bodies.

Might we lose some measure of productivity and efficiency by doing so? Yes, it’s likely things would slow down a bit. But tell me why that’s necessarily a bad thing, and balance it against the risk on the other side of giving a rising Hitler, Stalin, Kim, Amin, or Pol Pot the power to enslave and/or destroy innocents.

The Obamas, Boehners, Bushes, Clintons, and Putins—not to mention the Soroses, Buffetts, Dimons, Blankenfeins, Draghis, Carneys, Junckers, and Yellens—of the world can only be restrained if people rise up and say “enough.”