FCC Chair Spits on Congress; Will Suffer Nothing

Congress is “deeply disappointed” the FCC Chair plans to vote on a secret policy and refuses to talk to them about it.


Here is the story from Andrew Johnson at the National Review’s The Corner: “FCC Chair Refuses to Testify before Congress ahead of Net Neutrality Vote.”

Two prominent House committee chairs are “deeply disappointed” in Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler for refusing to testify before Congress as “the future of the Internet is at stake.”

Wheeler’s refusal to go before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday comes on the eve of the FCC’s vote on new Internet regulations pertaining to net neutrality. The committee’s chairman, Representative Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah), and Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Fred Upton (R., Mich.) criticized Wheeler and the administration for lacking transparency on the issue.

“So long as the chairman continues to insist on secrecy, we will continue calling for more transparency and accountability at the commission,” Chaffetz and Upton said in a statement. “Chairman Wheeler and the FCC are not above Congress.”

The House simply needs to immediately pass a measure yanking all funding from the FCC until the chairman comes out of the shadows. Enough is enough.

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Congress has the power to represent the People here–they must use it. Otherwise we should impeach them all–every last one of them–for dereliction of duty.

I realize that Barack Obama would veto any such attempt by Congress. I honestly don’t care about veto. The House always needs to do the right thing, regardless of what other bodies do. Put everyone on record as to whether they’re defenders of freedom or minions of tyranny.

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In that regard, they should have filed Articles of Impeachment on the President a long time ago, so my expectations for the growth of a spine anywhere inside the Capitol are pretty low.