FDA Pursues More Arbitrary Food Fascism

The same people who will allow you to eat genetically-modified organism without your knowledge or consent are going to make artificial trans fats illegal.

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday proposed measures that would all but eliminate artificial trans fats, the artery clogging substance that is a major contributor to heart disease in the United States, from the food supply.

Under the proposal, which is open for public comment for 60 days, the agency would declare that partially hydrogenated oils, the source of trans fats, were no longer “generally recognized as safe,” a legal category that permits the use of salt and caffeine, for example.

I actually agree (tentatively) that artificial trans fats are probably best avoided. But all we need is education and labeling to allow people to decide for themselves.

If the FDA wants to stop heart disease, maybe they should repudiate their entire theory of food and health and follow Sweden’s example. There are medical experts who believe that carbohydrates and omega-6 oils, staples of the American diet are causing heart disease. Why does the FDA have the authority to rule out such possibilities?

This is a demonstration of how government corrupts science. Make some discovery and call it “public health,” and suddenly all the entire education-science complex is directed by funding and to confirm your finding. While scientists, being human, hate to admit their mistakes, politicians and government bureaucrats are much worse. We should be allowed to make our own choices.

It isn’t about health. It isn’t about well-being. It is about power. The control freaks making this move aren’t exercising power because they believe artificial trans fats are really dangerous. They believe artificial trans fats are dangerous because believing so provides them a justification for exercising power. Even if one agrees with them, why not allow consumers to make their own choices?

If anybody cares, this ruling will be a huge burden on some businesses. I’m sure our Food Overlords find the prospect exciting.

The main thing to realize is that this is not Obamacare or any other legislative agenda being driven through Congress. Here in America there is a bureaucracy that can simply order food makers around. The FDA is essentially an unelected dictatorial body.

Giving such a body any kind of authority is un-American. Giving them power over what we feed ourselves is insane. Only slaves live that way.