FDA’s Rescinded Rule Outlawing Artisanal Cheese Came From “Big Cheese Industry” Embedded in Bureaucracy

As if we needed more evidence that government has become a bludgeon in the hands of special interests. No longer does the Federal government exist to defend God-given freedoms, it is there to reward big political donors, and to be a Fascist tool in the hands of big corporations and their toadies.

From CNS News: “Former Employee of ‘Big Cheese’ Wrote FDA Letter that Put NY Artisan Cheese Makers Out of Work.”

CNSNews.com has confirmed that Monica Metz, the FDA employee who wrote the letter that said “the use of wooden shelves… for cheese ripening does not conform to cGMP requirements,” previously worked for Leprino Foods, the largest mozzarella producer in the world [which CNS News confirmed uses no wooden shelves].

In other words, Metz, a former employee of “big cheese,” used her position at the FDA to write a letter that would have obliterated the artisanal cheese making industry (or “small cheese.”)

The FDA put at least one New York cheese maker out of business for “a ‘repeat violation’ involving aging cheese on wood,” but the Agency now says that this is not the FDA’s “official policy.”

When New York’s Department of Agriculture and Markets Division of Milk Control sought clarification from the FDA, they received a letter from Monica Metz, the branch chief for the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition’s Dairy and Egg Branch:

The use of wooden shelves, rough or otherwise, for cheese ripening does not conform to cGMP requirements…. Wooden shelves or boards cannot be adequately cleaned and sanitized.

The artisanal cheese making industry erupted, decrying the FDA’s crackdown as a “devastating development” that would literally put them out of business. [which is why the FDA finally backed down].

Monica Metz of the FDA should be fired, immediately, and brought up on charges for misusing the powers of her position. But… she’ll probably get another raise, in addition to keeping the rewards she’s almost undoubtedly getting ‘under the table’ from her former employer.