Fear Of Thuggish Administration Led To Rodeo Clown’s Ban

The Missouri State Fair Rodeo Clown Scandal of 2013 (as opposed to the Missouri State Fair Rodeo Clown Scandal of 1922, when a rodeo clown donned a Warren G. Harding mask and proceeded to slap himself with a sausage) has spiraled out of control.

You know the story by now, as I’m sure the international community does also, and possibly nations on other planets: a rodeo clown wearing a Barack Obama mask asked the crowd if they would like to see Obama get run down by a bull, to which the majority of the crowd cheered wildly.

The fair takes place in the city of Sedalia, which is located in the county of Pettis. Citizens of Sedalia and Pettis County both voted overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, as did the state of Missouri as a whole (President Obama won the popular vote of only 4 of Missouri’s 114 counties). All of which is to say that the anti-Obama act was certainly in the best interest of the Missouri State Fair Commission, who no doubt want as large of a crowd as possible to buy tickets to the fair.

Instead, what we see is something that at first glance seems absurd: the as-yet-unidentified man who wore the Obama mask has been permanently banned from ever performing at the state fair again. This seems absurd when one considers the 2012 election results, which indicate that such an anti-Obama act would bring in more visitors (and thus more dough). And not only would the act attract larger crowds because the majority of the crowd dislikes Obama, but so would the mere controversy that ensued (thanks to the mass media). Controversies attract people.

But the fair commissioners have instead opted to ban the crowd-pleaser, remove the controversy. This seems like shooting themselves in the foot, but I have a theory as to why they’re doing it.

They’re not banning the clown because they hate the extra money that his presence and the controversy would generate. They’re banning the clown because they’re afraid. They’re making a knowingly self-damaging decision because they know that the Obama Administration are thugs, and they don’t want the NSA to tap their lines or the IRS to intimidate them and suddenly discover that they owe back taxes.

We live in a country in which businesses, or what for all intents and purposes amount to businesses, engage in self-defeating practices because they are afraid of the government. Let that sink in.