The Fearful Master is Here!

Barack Obama claimed that his would be the “most transparent” Administration in all of history. Broken hard drives, official gag orders, targeted assassinations of the innocent, and countless documented lies later, somehow I’m having trouble seeing any reflection of that claim in reality.

Does this sound like “transparency” to you:

The Obama administration has charged more people (six) under the Espionage Act for the alleged mishandling of classified information than all past presidencies combined […]

Obama’s zeal in silencing leaks that don’t make him look like a superhero extends beyond the deployment of the Espionage Act into a complex legal tangle of retaliatory practices, life-destroying threats, on-the-job harassment, and firings. Lots of firings.

Note: there were a total of three in all of American history prior to Obama; so he has doubled the number in just one Presidency.

A lawless White House has led the entire Federal bureaucracy down a path of virtually unfettered exercises of raw power and oppression, providing a contemporary illustration of the old saying, “The fish rots from the head.” A spineless and derelict Congress has offered strong words, and virtually zero action, to restrain the evil.

If we do not put chains on the Federal government very soon—and some would say it is already too late—within ten years the United States will be the most fearsome example of a Police State the world has ever known—surpassing even the former Soviet Union, 1940’s Germany, North Korea, Romania, and every other regime we identify with terror to its own people.

Please note that the countless gang-bangers and violent criminals right now streaming across our southern borders—as they settle in across the country (thanks to Federal dollars and transportation) and ply their dark “trades”—will provide justification for brutal law enforcement crackdowns that will significantly limit our freedoms.

Citizens will cry out for “protection” from these beasts, and the Feds will be more than happy to oblige, taking our treasure and our liberty as payment.

Edward Snowden remains a hero in my eyes for attempting to expose just how far the Security State has gone outside of Constitutional constraints. Those who decry the fact he did not work within official avenues for whistleblowers are being terminally naive about the current state of our regime. As Conor Friedersdorf observes in the Atlantic:

…national-security officials who insist that Snowden would’ve been treated fairly had he complained through official channels lack credibility. Under the last two presidents, whistleblowers have been treated more harshly than torturers, warrantless wiretappers, and perjurers. History will record these abuses as shameful stains on the legacies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who have been more loyal to the national-security state than law or morality.

Both Republicans and Democrats are complicit in this slide toward the darkness. Before you vote this fall, you must discover where your candidates stand on issues of liberty, and the overreach of thugs with badges and high office.

If the DC Dragon is not tamed, it will surely burn and devour us all, just as such entities have done throughout human history. Take your blinders off—DC is not your friend. As our first President, George Washington, said: “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.