Federal Immigration Bureaucracy Treats Local Governments as Serfs

Gateway Pundit points out one of many disturbing features about the current immigration (manufactured?) crisis: local government is treated as if it did not exist.

Mayor Alan Long, as you can see if you watch the video, claims that no one from Immigration or from Homeland Security ever gave him warning about what was going to happen in Murietta, California. They haven’t explained why illegal aliens are being brought to his town—why his town was chosen.

The Fox News host asked the mayor what they expected in the near future—how many more aliens would be sent to the town. Long didn’t know how to answer him because no one was giving him that information.

We’re a very small town. It’s a bedroom community of about 106,000 and the air is clean and the people are beautiful… As far as we know, Murrieta is still a destination point. So we have every reason to expect more buses to arrive in Murrieta. Border patrol and Homeland Security has not answered any of those questions. We just anticipate more coming. Border patrol… At the national and the Department of Homeland Security, we have yet to hear from them with a short term and long term plan. So we’re really in the dark.

Of course, if the Fed’s hired private watchmen feel confident enough to turn away the congressional representative of the district where they are housing illegals, and if the Federal Government is openly ready to censor and control the Press, then it really isn’t surprising that the Feds don’t care about a local mayor whose town they are turning upside down.

Remember, when Arizona showed the temerity to enforce laws against illegal immigration, the Liberals and Feds treated it like a hate crime. The job of the state and local governments is to do nothing but wait for orders. But when the Feds want to traffic illegal aliens to your town, there is no need for them to talk to you about it.

You exist to serve them.