Federal Police Soon to Be Dealing with Protestors against Illegal Immigration

From Breitbart Texas:

As illegal immigrants continue to spill across the U.S.-Mexico border, federal authorities are attempting to relocate the migrants from South Texas to housing facilities in states across the nation. One such facility is located in Murrieta, California, where a large group of protesters recently blocked a bus full of migrants from arriving. The protesters remain there, adamant that illegal immigrants don’t get dumped in their town. But soon the concerned citizens may be forced to step down—Breitbart Texas has learned that federal agents plan to arrive in Murrieta on Monday with riot gear to ensure that another busload makes it to the housing facility. 

Upside-down world: The Feds to bring in badge-wearing thugs to clear the way for an activity that would get anyone else arrested—trafficking in illegal aliens.

Jeremy Oliver, a resident of Temecula, California–a town that neighbors Murrieta–told Breitbart Texas that local police officers warned the protesters that “it’s going to get ugly.”

Oliver said, “The feds are pissed that they haven’t been able to use this facility. Officers out there warned people that federal agents will be in Murrieta on Monday–they are going to get the next bus through no matter what. Riot gear and shields will be used to push the crowd back.”

John Henry, a Murrieta resident since 1991, was told the same thing by local officers. 

“We’re being told that federal Marshals or ICE will be here in the next few days and that they are bringing riot gear,” Henry said. “They’re apparently going to be blocking off the street with concrete blockades so that no vehicles can get through. The River County Sheriff’s Department showed up last night and brought a huge watch tower that shoots up into the air 35 feet.”

Please note, however, that the primary blame if this happens falls on the Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff and his deputies. Sniff is the chief law enforcement officer in his realm, and he could instruct his deputies to protect law-abiding citizens, and stop this Federal action on his turf.

Local law enforcement bear the responsibility for anything that happens, and locals should launch a recall on a cowardly and traitorous Sniff if he fails to uphold the law against these illegal actions of the Federal government.