Feds: Wolverines Are An Endangered Species Due To Global Warming

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed a rule that would allow wolverines to be added to the endangered species list on the basis of protecting them not from some other predator, but from “climate change.” So, I guess global warming is the predator, and since humans cause global warming, we’re the real predator. The proposal stated:

 “In this proposed listing rule, we identified several risk factors for the wolverine DPS (Distinct Population Segment) that, in concert with climate change, may result in reduced habitat value for the species. These risk factors include human activities like dispersed recreation, land management activities by Federal agencies and private landowners, and infrastructure development.”

 The Endangered Species Act has had little to do with actually protecting animals that are nearing extinction. Proponents argue that humans are to blame for most animal extinctions, and classifying certain animals as “endangered” enables the government to better protect these animals. These are the same people who push for “sustainable development” and “green” energy “solutions,” allowing the government, even at the local level, to regulate people’s private property and control what people do with it in the name of preserving the environment. And we all know they don’t give a care about the environment. They just want control. Why else would local regulators order a homeowner to tear out his garden?

The Endangered Species Act is the same thing. (The ESA is another one of those Agenda 21-type protocols that was signed by the U.S., a member nation of the Organization of Americas, a regional organization of the United Nations.) Once they declare a certain animal or plant to be “endangered,” they get to control the land on which the animal or plant exists. Writing for Morph City, Cassandra Anderson makes this very point:

 “For example, in Iron County, Utah, the federal government claims that prairie dogs are ‘endangered’. It is not true. This is a ploy to limit farming and other economic development. Every time a prairie dog is killed by a tractor on a farm, the sheriff is expected to investigate; there is only a limited number of prairie dog deaths allowed, or the farm can be shut down. Further, if someone owns property and wants to build, they will be refused a building permit if prairie dogs are found on the property. Building permits are issued through the county, so it is under the jurisdiction of the County Commissioners or Supervisors.”

 They can declare squirrels to be an endangered species and then take your property through eminent domain, claiming that they’re only trying to protect the “near-extinct” squirrel. They can do it with the spotted owl or the manatee, but they don’t really care about these animals. They just want an excuse to take away people’s private property and use it as their own.