Ferguson is about Entitlement, Not about Justice

The entitlement mentality is burning down our world.

One thing that is becoming ever so clear about Ferguson is that it is not about race or justice. The video clips of the looters reveals multiple races, not just one. It is about entitlement. You can see this in the conduct prior to the announcement of no indictment and you can see it in the conduct of the protesters after the announcement.

want it now

First, prior to the announcement, there was a demand for an indictment. It did not matter what the facts were. The protesting community demanded an indictment because they felt entitled. This message was championed by the media. “The public statements of some witnesses proved to be false upon examination of the physical evidence, Mr. McCulloch said, including the claims broadcast on TV that Brown was shot in the back.” Even after the announcement, protests started without regard to the validity of the finding of the grand jury. The evidence revealed by Mr. McCulloch now makes an overwhelming case for the justness of the finding.

Since the announcement, the protesters have expressed their irrational rage. But what has been the focus of the rage? It has been the businesses of the protesters’ own community. It has not been the so called perpetrators of their injustice, the governing officials that are keeping them down. It has been the shop keepers and employers in their town. They wonder why there are no jobs in their community. It is because they are destroying them. Rather, the focus of their rampage has been loot and bootie. “If government is not going to give us the things we want we will simply take.” This is a commitment to entitlement.

But what about those who are peacefully demonstrating. Yes, they are following the law. But to what end are their actions achieving a goal. Their demonstrations are in support of a movement that is completely violent. If my conduct supports violent behavior, I must stop and reconsider my commitments and my conduct.

God says, “Thou shalt not covet.” However, we have cultivated covetousness into a virtue. We have Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and federal subsidies of every kind and shape, both individual and business. We want, we want, we want. It does not matter that we put our grandchildren into debt to get, we have a right to it because the federal government is giving it away. But the federal government is giving away other people’s money and other people’s future.

If we want to eliminate the scourge that is Ferguson, we must eliminate the entitlement mindset. We must eliminate entitlements. And yes, that includes Social Security. Each of us is going to have to be willing to give up our own entitlements. There is no room for me getting my entitlement in return for you getting yours. Entitlements, yours and mine, are covetousness and theft. We must get rid of them all.



David Linton writes at the Blackstone Initiative.