Ferguson Just Waiting for the Match to be Struck

When I was in school, it occasionally happened that some bullies would “call out” a hapless victim after school.

Being called out meant that you were penciled in for an appointment with doom.

Specifics could vary, but essentially bullies were promising to jump somebody off-campus and beat the tar out of him. Schools being the way they are, word would go out far and wide, and other school kids would show up at the appointed rendezvous to see blood or at least some vicious name calling and tears.

However, things seldom accelerated to the point of actual bloodshed because the principal or vice principal would usually catch wind of the impending whupping and put an end to the whole business by pulling the bullies out of class and chaining them to his office floor until the doomsday hour had past.

That was back when the only people hired for principals’ jobs were adults with spines.

The people of Ferguson, Missouri, could use an old-fashioned school principal right now.

The entire nation, it seems, is expecting that sometime this week, a grand jury will announce whether a white Missouri police officer can be arrested and charged for shooting and killing a black teenager.

If true justice prevails, based on all the versions of what happened that have been reported publicly, Officer Darren Wilson probably deserves to walk away a free man.

That seems to be a problem in President Obama’s America.

The FBI has warned law enforcement agencies across the country that the grand jury’s decision will likely result in violence and attacks on police officers.

That’s because, months after the shooting, the professional agitators have taken over Ferguson. The people who actually live there seem to have hunkered down in their homes for the most part, while the city is in a  perpetual state of agitation caused by out-of-towners, at least some of whom have been identified as known leaders of the Communist Party, Black Panthers and other radical groups.

In response, the federal government has prepared an apparently huge reactionary force composed of police officers and agents of the Department of Homeland Security. A hotel worker’s photos that were posted online last week revealed hundreds of DHS vehicles in the parking garage of a hotel some two dozen miles from Ferguson. The operation was secret enough that the photos got the worker fired, and the hotel apparently lost a more than $100,000 contract with DHS. Other sources have hinted at a potentially huge overreaction on the part of the government in the works.

When public safety is in jeopardy, authorities have a lot of leeway in terms of acting to prevent it.

The ACLU might threaten to sue if the DHS simply rounded up the leaders among the Ferguson agitators and held them till the smoke cleared, but it’s doubtful it would win such a lawsuit.

So why don’t authorities do that?

The likely answer lies in the identities of the agitators. Many of them are among Obama’s key supporter demographics. The feds won’t touch them.

It all seems to point to big trouble brewing, with the Obama Administration turning up the heat.