Ferguson Mayor Ignored When He Requested National Guard

The Ferguson Mayor could not get anyone on the phone.

The first responsibility of public officials is to defend the freedoms of the People, and also to provide for their protection from threats—foreign and domestic.

Given that, I think the Governor of Missouri has some major questions to answer here. Why in the world do you call an emergency, and mobilize the Guard, and then not put them on the streets to protect people’s lives and property?

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Here is a “lesser magistrate” appealing for legitimate help in a situation where his constituents are losing their livelihoods (reports saying more than a dozen businesses have been burned for NO reason!), and the Governor sits on his hands.

Question for a legitimate reporter: Governor, you called up the Guard, and then refused to heed numerous pleas for help from the Mayor of Ferguson. Speak to those who lost their businesses, and the employees who now have no job to support their families during this Thanksgiving Week—tell them why you failed to protect them.

The Governor and authorities totally failed… and someone needs to pointedly be asked to explain why.

Call this “The Heartland Benghazi”—citizens are suffering devastating losses, and being threatened, and those tasked to help protect them do nothing. Disgusting, and yet another testimony to why the Founders gave us the Second Amendment.

Sometimes we need protection from those who are supposed to protect us!