Was Ferguson on Purpose?

These are fair questions, and the people of Ferguson deserve a truthful answer.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder says Obama administration must have leaned on Governor Nixon to ignore pleas from Ferguson Mayor to send in National Guard:

This essay follows up with more circumstantial evidence that builds a damning case against the Governor of Missouri. I suggest the State legislature has every right—and, in fact, a responsibility—to hold hearings on this matter, and to put Jay Nixon in the hot-seat to answer direct questions.

[See also, “Who Is In Charge of Ferguson? Jay Nixon Can’t Say!”]

Thus, Michael Snyder’s post from the Economic Collapse blog: “Did They Want More Violence In Ferguson? 10 ‘Coincidences’ Too Glaring To Ignore.”

london rioter

An excerpt:

#1 Federal, state and local law enforcement authorities had more than three months to prepare for the violence that would follow the announcement of the grand jury decision.  The mainstream media endlessly hyped this controversy and everyone knew that trouble would be brewing.  But despite an enormous amount of time to prepare, very little was actually done to prevent any violence from happening.

#2 Someone made the decision to make the public announcement about the grand jury decision in the evening.  Anyone involved in law enforcement knows that crowd control is far more difficult after dark.  This also ensured that instead of being tied up with work or school, a maximum number of protesters would be able to be involved in the violence.

#3 Fortunately for the mainstream media, the announcement of the grand jury decision was perfectly timed to provide the largest possible number of prime time viewers for the big news networks.

#4 Just like back in August, no law enforcement authorities of any kind responded while dozens of businesses were vandalized, looted and set of fire.

#5 According to Ferguson Mayor James Knowles, National Guard troops were purposely held back from intervening in the rioting that was unleashed when the grand jury decision was made known to the public…

“In a press conference, he called the delay “deeply concerning” and said the Guard troops were availablebut were not deployed when city officials asked.”

The troops had been readied last week by Gov. Jay Nixon as the grand jury announcement neared. But as gunshots rang out in the night and looters torched buildings, they were nowhere to be seen.

#6 It is being reported that the heavily armed National Guard troops were limited to “keeping the peace at a courthouse, patrolling the outskirts of town and preventing disturbances in other suburbs” as horrific violence raged in the heart of Ferguson on Monday night.

Government animals everywhere want to increase our dependence on them—and to secure our votes—but we need to shout from the rooftops: Is this not clear evidence you CANNOT depend on this type of government leader when you most need them, and for the primary reason civil government exists?

This is Job 1 for government—why the heck are they in office if they will not utilize legitimate resources to protect the community when needed?

Here is the problem: We elect men and women to be our babysitters and providers—to do all kinds of things American civil government was NEVER supposed to do! Why are we surprised when such “leaders” fail to protect us, and to do the one thing American civil government is supposed to exist to do?