Fewer IRS Audits? Oh No! That Would Be Terrible!

Amazing how the story just came out that even with all of these alleged cuts, the IRS took in more than ever in history last quarter, and we still had a massive deficit! Kill the IRS, and then take the checkbook away from Congress. At that point, we might be getting somewhere.

From Associated Press: “House Votes to Slash IRS Tax Enforcement Budget.”

The GOP-controlled House has voted to slash the budget for the Internal Revenue Service’s tax enforcement division by $1.2 billion, a 25 percent cut that would mean fewer audits of taxpayers and make it more likely that people who cheat on their taxes will get away with it.

The House approved the cuts by voice vote after little debate Monday night as it took up a $21 billion spending bill that sets the IRS budget.

The cuts reflect GOP outrage over the agency’s scrutiny of tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status and frustration over the agency’s failure to produce thousands of emails by Lois Lerner, the official formerly in charge of the IRS division that processes applications for tax-exempt status.

“The use of a government agency to harass, target, intimidate and threaten lawful, honest citizens was the worst form of authoritarianism,” said Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., author of an amendment to cut the IRS tax enforcement budget by $353 million. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Mich., followed up with an amendment to cut $788 million more. The underlying bill already contained a $72 million cut from last year’s $5 billion enforcement budget, bringing the total cut to $1.2 billion.

The Democratic floor leader on the funding bill, Rep. Jose Serrano of New York, opposed the amendments but opted against demanding a roll call vote.

Oh, boo hoo… and Barack says he’ll veto. Well, I have an idea: If Barack vetoes pass another budget minus 26%. If he vetoes again, take it to -27%. Again, -28%… you get the picture.

If you’re going to use the IRS as a political sword, then we can just dull that blade each time you protest.

Personally, I think it’s obvious the IRS is controlled by those with an ideological bent that is alien to America, and hostile to freedom. Simply put: Pull the plug entirely, and drain the swamp. Fire them all.