Fighting ISIS Is a Bridge to Nowhere: Over Fifty Trained Volunteers Reduced to Five

The U.S. method of training soldiers for fighting ISIS leaves us with only five men so far

In addition to our other failures in fighting ISIS (while we pretended we were weakening them), here is a story of a boondoggle that sounds just like any other government spending program. Douglas Ernst writes at World Net Daily,

President Obama just found out how many good anti-ISIS fighters $500 million buys: five, at most.

Gen. Lloyd Austin, who leads the U.S. military’s Central Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday there are only four or five Syrian fighters left out of 54 who were trained as part of a U.S. program.

Another 100-120 fighters will be trained in the program’s three remaining classes, NBC News reported Wednesday.

Obama said in September that assisting Syrian rebels was “the best counterweight” for combating the Sunni radical terror group’s control over large swathes of Iraq and Syria, NBC reported.

Our best counterweight?

First of all, that is not how you describe an attempt to gain victory in a region. This sounds like Obama wants a “balance of power” in the region with ISIS granted a permanent foothold.

But they aren’t even an effective counterweight. Let’s imagine the highly unlikely scenario unfolding that there is no attrition in the remaining “100-120 fighters.” That highly optimistic and unrealistic number doesn’t even amount to a “counterweight” for the reported 200 Americans who have gone to join and fight on the side of ISIS.

Experts believe ISIS has at least 30,000 soldiers at its disposal. Roughly 1,000 of those fighters are said to be from the United Kingdom.

How are 125 fighters—again, we will probably end up with far fewer—going to match up as a counterweight to thirty thousand?

We are just throwing money around wildly to make it look like we are “doing something.”