To the Financial Elite, George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton Seem Interchangeable

I’ve mentioned before that some people are talking up Jeb Bush as a candidate for 2016. This mystifies me because it would, in my opinion, be a nomination that would put Hillary Clinton in the White House. Why would we want to lose another Presidential election?

So I find it interesting that, for some people, Jeb Bush’s brother and Hillary Clinton seem to be basically interchangeable. reports,

Former President George W. Bush was supposed to give a speech to Ameriprise Financial conference in Boston next week but had to bow out because he’s recovering from surgery on a bum knee. But the financial services firm was able to secure a prominent substitute speaker: Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s speech, confirmed by two sources familiar with the event, is the latest in a series of paid speaking-circuit gigs for the former secretary of state and likely 2016 presidential contender, who charges upward of $200,000 to deliver remarks or take part in question-and-answer sessions.

Bush, who has also been on the paid speaking circuit, was anticipated as the main attraction at the event, sources said. But a Bush aide confirmed that he had to drop out after he had a second partial knee replacement surgery last weekend in Chicago. His first surgery, on the other knee, was in May.

So Clinton was tapped as the replacement. The precise date of her speech wasn’t immediately clear, but the conference is July 23-27.

Clinton aides declined to comment. An Ameriprise spokesman did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Ameriprise is a financial services firm that was spun off from American Express almost a decade ago.

This is just more evidence that Hillary Clinton is every bit as much the Wall Street candidate as anyone in the Bush dynasty.
I’m not saying that people on Wall Street have no ideology at all. Some may actually prefer some form of vague conservatism to Hillary Clinton’s liberalism. Perhaps. But the bottom line is they need a President who will bail them out and keep the Federal Reserve new money flowing so they can siphon it off as the standard of living declines for the rest of us. They will happily prosper under Hilary Clinton, so Jeb Bush losing to her won’t be a blow to their personal fortunes. What they do want to keep out of the race is a tea party candidate who might crash their party.