When a Flag Burns in Ferguson

In Ferguson and other cities across the country, protesters have vented their anger by smashing, destroying and burning anything they can get their hands on.

But a group of National Guardsmen couldn’t just stand by after an American flag was burned by rioters.

In a move that clearly befuddled the low-lifes standing around, including the cameraman who was recording the scene, the Guardsmen walked into a crowd of jeering onlookers to search for remaining pieces of the flag so that it could be properly disposed of.

The video is worth watching as an object lesson in patriotism and American values versus the moral confusion of the rabble who have been destroying Ferguson.

The video starts off with the cameraman trying to get a police officer to comment on some perceived complaint, but the officer informs him instead that the National Guardsmen behind him are here to get the remains of the flag.

“Why is that?” the cameraman asks.

To which the officer replies, “Because it’s an American flag.”

Most people understand that answer and would accept it as a sufficient and complete explanation of the Guardsmen’s actions, as well as a wide range of other human behaviors. When the chips are down, even cynical Americans would come to the defense of their country.

But people like the rioters in Ferguson — even some of the so-called “peaceful” protesters who want to see a white police officer strung up for standing up to a black thug instead of rolling over and taking his beating — they’re something else. Their actions, their attitudes, their ignorance, their hatred — it’s un-American.

Rampaging through a city demanding justice while burning the flag that is the symbol of the very law and order protesters claim to want would be hypocrisy if the zombies doing it had any understanding of their own actions. But they don’t, so it’s irony at best.

“It’s just a piece of cloth,” the cameraman says a couple of times. But the flag is the real symbol of generations of bravery, commitment and self-sacrifice. The deadliest war America ever fought was the Civil War that ended slavery, and it was Old Glory that led that charge.

Justice and equality are the last things the flag’s desecrators would want.

It’s people like the Left Wing cameraman who are just pieces of cloth — dummies cut in the shapes of men and stuffed overflowing with their own mendacity.

“It’s not their flag,” the cameraman can be heard saying as the Guardsmen walk away.

But it is their flag. It belongs to the men and women who have defended it, bled for it and died for it, and it will never bow down or surrender to the radicals, the socialists, the destroyers of civilization.

Burned and tattered though she may be, so long as men are free and have the courage to defend her promise, in the end it will always be Old Glory that waves over the field of victory.