Florida Cop Fired For Calling Trayvon A “Thug” On Facebook

He also had a rather callous and disparaging image of Trayvon Martin on his Facebook page where he’s holding a bag of skittles in one hand and canned iced tea in the other, with the caption, “Those skittles were to die for.” Not very nice.

But see, it’s not just that the cop’s boss was afraid someone might be offended or that such things are inappropriate for a public official to say. It’s mostly that the cop held the politically incorrect opinion of the Zimmerman/Martin incident – an incident that should have never garnered national attention in the first place, considering how many gang-related murders happen in Detroit and Chicago alone on a daily basis without anyone in the media or political establishment even pretending to care. If you’re critical of Trayvon in any way, that makes you a racist. If you speak positively in any way regarding Zimmerman, that makes you a racist. The Blaze reported:

“A Florida beach safety officer was fired on Friday after he referred to Trayvon Martin as a ‘thug’ on his personal Facebook page. Todd Snipes, a beach officer of 15 years who was stationed about 40 minutes from where Trayvon Martin was killed in Sanford, Fla., was initially suspended for the post he made on Facebook last month. ‘Another thug gone,’ Snipes wrote the night of George Zimmerman’s acquittal. ‘Pull up your pants and be respectful. Bye bye thug r.i.p.’ In his termination letter, Department of Public Protection Director George Recktenwald wrote that Snipes had ‘engaged in behavior that threatens the respect and trust of the community and jeopardizes the perception that the department enforces the law fairly, even-handedly and without bias.’”

Meanwhile, in the Florida state capitol building, a local artist unveiled a painting she had done entitled, “We Are All Trayvon Martin.” The painting depicts Zimmerman shooting a hoodie-wearing figure in the head. Trayvon’s face is simply a mirror; hence, the title of the painting. Also, an image of Martin Luther King Jr.’s is seen with blood dripping down the side of his head.

“Artist Huong unveiled the creation during a sit-in to protest Florida’s so-called ‘stand your ground’ law. According to [a local ABC News affiliate], Huong hopes the painting can be displayed in Washington, D.C.”

I’d be surprised if the painting isn’t featured at the White House at some point. That’s because it’s completely politically correct.

A cop gets fired for insulting Trayvon, and a local artist gets to display her anti-Zimmerman painting at the state Capitol, all because her opinion is the “correct” one. If the cop had instead insulted Zimmerman, his boss would have probably defended him, citing his First Amendment rights to freedom of speech. The First Amendment only applies when your opinion carries with it the endorsement of the national media and political establishment.