FOIA Request about Planned Parenthood Money Denied!

Planned Parenthood money coming from the Federal Government is off limits to FOIA requests.

It is pretty clear that the investigation of the Planned Parenthood videos by the Department of Justice is going to be a naked act of aggression to punish anyone who dares expose the government-subsidized abortion pusher. The DOJ investigation was requested by Planned Parenthood’s political defenders. It will certainly follow their wishes and harass (at least) the one who exposed Planned Parenthood.

While people are posing as outraged that someone caught Planned Parenthood doing evil, it has been made obvious that the typical ways of gathering information are off-limits when it comes to that organization. As The Federalist reports, “HHS Rejects Planned Parenthood FOIA Request Because It’s ‘Not Newsworthy’

Earlier this week, Mary Hasson broke the news here at the Federalist that federal funds went to Planned Parenthood’s salad-munching, wine-sipping, organ-harvesting Dr. Deborah Nucatola for advice on “healthy baby” births.

Hasson requested all communications and documents relevant to any payments to or compensation of fees, consultant fees, reimbursements, etc. to Deborah Nucatola, MD, a Planned Parenthood employee. And she requested that the documents be sent as soon as possible.

The Freedom of Information Act requires the federal government to be transparent, but successfully receiving information from the Obama Administration has gone so poorly — even more poorly than previous administrations — that many media outlets have resorted to suing the federal government to get them to respond to FOIA requests.

In March it was announced that the Obama administration had set new records for censoring information, outright denying access to information, and length of time to fulfill requests. They also, “refused a record number of times to turn over files quickly that might be especially newsworthy,” according to the Associated Press.

This FOIA request was no exception. In fact, HHS is deliberately lying in its refusal to release the information. According to them,

“Further, in order to meet second prong of the compelling need standard, the requested information must be the type of information that has a particular value that will be lost if not disseminated quickly, and ordinarily refers to a breaking news story of general public interest.”

Right. There has been no breaking news story about Dr. Nucatola and Planned Parenthood. There is no shocking revelation that has caused Planned Parenthood to yank their donor list from the public view and prompted the Federal government to investigate a video.

The reason HHS is telling an obvious lie is because they want us to know they can. They want to demoralize conservatives by reminding them that the FOIA laws never cause any criminal bureaucrat to lose an hour’s pay for breaking the law. On the contrary, they get to use taxpayer funds to pay their lawyers to hide information they are supposed to reveal to the public.

HHS is off-limits and they are telling us that they consider Planned Parenthood off-limits to normal accountability and criticism.

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Only conservative groups get their financial secrets revealed to the IRS so that their donors can be targeted.