Force Across the Board Spending Cuts Now!

President Obama wants more tax money. He’s claiming that without new revenue parts of the government will be shut down or at least scaled back. Would this be a bad thing? Would anybody outside of government notice?

According to some “experts,” there would be $46 billion cut from the Defense Department and benefit cuts for 4.7 million long-term unemployed. The FBI says the budget cuts would require all employees, including special agents, to be furloughed for up to 14 days.

Force our bloated government to do what businesses do every day in America.

Few people talk about the Grace Commission. J. Peter Grace was appointed by Ronald Reagan to head the Private Sector Survey on Cost Control. The Commission discovered that more than $424 billion could be cut out of the federal deficit simply by eliminating waste and inefficiency from the national bureaucracy. This assessment was made in 1984! If these cuts had been made, the personal income tax could have been eliminated along with the IRS. Now there’s a happy thought.

Did government officials listen? Of course not! You can read all about in Burning Money: The Waste of Your Tax Dollars (1984). Here’s how the book’s dedication page reads: “To the nation’s 82 million taxpayers, the true victims of government waste.”

The President is claiming that if the GOP doesn’t go along with his new call for more tax revenue that many government workers will have to take a 20 percent pay cut. Government officials always make things sound worse than they will be. It’s in their nature to protect their turf.

I say let the cuts go through. There’s at least 15 percent waste, and there will only be about 5 percent of pain. Let’s do it. According to data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), part of the Department of Commerce, the average federal employee salary in 2010 was $83,679 and $51,986 for the average private sector salary.

“A new in-depth database of federal worker salaries shows the government paid out a whopping $105 billion in salaries [in 2011] for most of its civilian workforce — to boot, the workers got $439 million in bonuses.

“The database also shows the government has been liberally handing out bonuses, with many in the ten-of-thousands-of-dollars range. The top bonus in the Justice Department was $37,505.

“In the Agriculture Department, it was $62,895. Some of the biggest bonuses, though, were the product of a special presidential award program.”

Consider this: “No fewer than 572 San Francisco city workers and executives made more than Gov. Jerry Brown last year.” I realize that these are city employees, but it gives you some idea of how whacky government pay is.

Here are some of the higher priced government employees that create and pass laws to take our money from us and agree to spend it worse than drunken sailors. They all deserve at least a 20 percent pay cut:

Senators and Representatives
2013: $174,000
Chief Justice of the United States
2013: $223,500
Attorney General Eric Holder
2013: $199,700

If we’re going to spread the pain around, let’s begin with these guys.

One last point: The National Federation of Federal Employees believes that federal civilian workers are underpaid.