Force Obama and His Family to Join ObamaCare

Why wouldn’t President Obama and his family want to sign up for ObamaCare and be on the program for the rest of their lives? The program carries his name. They should be honored to have such a prestigious program named after their family name, and they should be the first people to tell the world that they’ve signed up for ObamaCare.

President Obama and Michelle, with their daughters in tow, should come out before the watching world, sit down with all the forms that are required to be filled out, and enroll in ObamaCare. A film crew should follow the Obama family as they go a local DC doctor for checkups. No more special medical treatment. The president and his family should have the same access to medical care as the rest of us, or I should say, the rest of us should have the same medical care as the president and his family.

Let us all see the Obamas participate in the system that’s named after them.

But let’s not stop with the President and his family. The Supreme Court justices should do the same, especially John Roberts. Again, no special treatment. If they want to see a doctor, let them make an appointment and sit in the waiting room like everybody else.

Congress, too, should be made to fill out the forms. No more government-subsidized healthcare. Join one of the exchanges, and stand in line like the rest of us. There’s some talk about making this happen, but it’s not very loud or public:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) said that the House would attempt to pass a bill requiring all Obama administration officials to sign up for Obamacare. Currently, Obama administration officials are not subject to the health care exchanges that they insist Americans pay for federally. Congress members are forced to join the exchanges, but are federally subsidized to do so.

Does Castro live like the people of Cuba? Did Hugo Chavez? “Socialism for thee, but not for me,” is the operating slogan in Washington.

Many Americans are not aware that when Social Security was implemented in the 1930s, Congress exempted itself. It wasn’t until 1983 that new government workers were brought into the system. For nearly 50 years the hoi polloi worker bees were forced into a program where money was taken from them and their employers in order to fund a program that is on the verge of bankruptcy while Congress was above it all.

Congress had its own very generous retirement program. So in addition to being able to tell voters what to do, Congress gets their precious healthcare subsidized on our dime.

Wouldn’t it be great (although it would be immoral) to be able to pass laws that affect everybody else while those who pass the laws get direct financial benefit from those laws? It happens every day in Washington.

There’s a story in this that the Republicans are not taking advantage of. You can probably guess why they aren’t pushing hard to tell the story. They’re afraid that Americans will get a glimpse of the privileged status of their elected officials.