“Foreign Aid” is Really Merely U.S. Crony Capitalism Enslaving the Poor via Taxpayer Money

If you want to know why Congress and the White House refuse to end foreign aid, the answer does not lie in their deep compassion. Let’s take the recent example of El Salvador, which we are threatening to deprive of the aid we promised them.

According to Foreign Policy,

El Salvador is a recent example of corporate domination in U.S. foreign aid. The United States will withhold the Millennium Challenge Compact aid deal, approximately $277 million in aid, unless El Salvador purchases genetically-modified seeds from biotech giant, Monsanto.[1] The Millennium Challenge Corporation is “a U.S. foreign aid agency that was created by the U.S. Congress in January 2004,”[2] according to Sustainable Pulse, and serves as a conduit for foreign aid funds. MCC’s unethical aid conditions would force El Salvador to purchase controversial seeds from the American biotech corporation instead of purchasing non-GMO seeds from the country’s local farmers [3] – an action that would have negative effects on El Salvador’s agricultural industry in addition to presenting serious health and environmental risks.

The conditional foreign aid from MCC is an attempt to break into El Salvador’s non-GMO agricultural sector and exploit the food market. Because El Salvador has high food insecurity, it imports 85% of its food. This allows U.S. foreign aid organizations to take advantage of the dire need for their own monetary gain. The United States used similar aid policies in Haiti to force open Haiti’s agricultural market for U.S. food products – effectively destroying Haiti’s agricultural economy and creating an overreliance on food aid.[4]

I’m not going to mention any of my suspicions about GMO’s on a health basis. The truth is that I don’t know enough to be sure of much. But I do have a strong opinion about tax-payer funds (or tax-payer-backed loans from China) being used to wipe out El Salvadoran farmers trying to sell their seed and hooking El Salvador on patented seeds that the farmers can never use from their own farms, but must always buy from Monsanto.

This is evil. The nations should hate us.

For years conservatives have claimed that the horrible results from foreign aid were “good intentions” leading to “unintended consequences.”

News flash: the intentions are evil and the consequences are intended.

Hat tip: Globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com.