Forget Iraq, John Kerry Wants You Focused on Climate Change

There must be a lot of money invested in this issue, with the expectation of a big payoff.

I noted that, in the midst of the Ukraine meltdown that seems to be the start of a new Cold War, John Kerry clearly demonstrated his priorities: use all State Department assets to spread fear and paranoia about alleged global warming in every corner of the globe. He used militant rhetoric about “our brave men and women on the front lines,” not to describe Ukraine or any other place of conflict, but to glorify their role as international propagandists for the story of how the internal combustion engine and cow flatulence are some of the most dangerous enemies of the world.

And now, while the situation in the Ukraine is still not settled, we have an even greater crisis—the partial fall of Iraq to ISIS.

And John Kerry does not let that deter him from demonstrating his priorities! As reports:

With the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) advancing rapidly through Iraq and posting images of their brutal mass executions, plans have begun to evacuate America’s embassy in Baghdad. In Washington, however, Secretary of State John Kerry hosted a conference on the world’s real “vital security issue”: climate change.

Kerry, who has remarked intermittently in interviews on the current crisis in Iraq, spent the morning hosting the State Department’s “Our Ocean” conference– a summit of 80 countries and academic experts designed to engage global leaders in a discussion on how to save the world’s oceans from the effects of climate change. There, Secretary Kerry announced that the world had a “shared responsibility” to keep the seas clean, and encouraged global leaders to see climate change and the protection of the seas as a national security issue, not an environmental one.

Kerry addressed preemptively concerns that he was focusing time on climate change when the world required his attention on much graver and more immediate threats. “For anyone who questions why are we here when there are so many areas of conflict and so many issues of vital concern as there are,” he announced, “…no one should mistake that the protection of our oceans is a vital international security issue.” Kerry also noted that, because of the conflict in Iraq, he would not be able to attend every event at the conference. 

Breitbart also pointed out that Barack Obama himself took time during this outbreak of destruction to lecture the nation on climate change and attack people in Congress for not believing what he tells them to believe.

Seriously, even if man-made global warming was real, their priorities dedicating time and energy to climate change instead of these dangerous conflicts would still be insane.

Obama and Kerry desperately want you to believe something horrible is coming. Believe them. Their behavior demonstrates they have some kind of agenda to bring about massive change that will profit them and their friends while impoverishing the planet.

Refuse and resist.