Former Religious Right Insider Frank Schaeffer Attacks Ted Cruz

When liberals want to slam a conservative Christians, they call on Frank Schaeffer, the son of Francis A. Schaeffer, the Christian apologist who brought Evangelicals out of the pietistic closet and have become a living nightmare for liberals.

Liberals loved religion when liberal religionists voted for them. In 1980, this all changed, and Francis Schaeffer had a lot to do with it. Franky, as he was known then, was the promoter of his father’s theological, social, cultural, and political philosophy. He produced two film series for his father – Whatever Happened to the Human Race? and How Should we Then Live? Franky was on the frontline of opposition to abortion. He took on the liberal establishment in his book A Time for Anger.

Then he snapped. He’s now an apologist for the other side. He describes himself as “a former religious right insider.” What a sad legacy. It’s evident reading his articles that he has lost something of his academic sharpness. His works are filled with extended tirades that lack factual and logical substance.

Schaeffer’s latest hit piece is on Ted Cruz, naturally. As soon as an articulate spokesman for the conservative cause gains traction, he must be destroyed. Because Cruz is a Christian, liberals bring in a Christian defector to do the character assassination.

Schaeffer’s article is typically noxious. “Ted Cruz’ Father Is a Rabid Right-Wing Preacher– What More do You Need to Know About the ‘Why’ of the Shutdown?” Here’s the opening paragraph.

“It’s no coincidence that in my new book And God Said, “Billy!”  that I have my character ‘Billy’ masturbating while he listens to his godly wife read out loud from a book by the guru of all evangelical Dominionist/Reconstructionists– Rousas Rushdoony. The evangelical world has been metaphorically jacking off to the Rushdoony/Ted Cruz/Koch brothers’ political God-hates-everybody-but-us-chosen-few porn for over forty years. Now with the government shutdown they have finally achieved political orgasm.”

This is what passes for a liberal argument.

Liberals have tried in vain to spark outrage among conservative voters by linking every conservative candidate to “dominion theology.” Chris Hedges has tried. So has Michele Goldberg. “Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry aren’t just devout  —  both have deep ties to a fringe fundamentalist movement known as Dominionism, which says Christians should rule the world,” says Goldberg.

Here’s a little known secret: It’s liberal Dominionists like Michele Goldberg, Chris Hedges, and Frank Schaeffer who want to rule the world, and the rest of us be damned if we don’t like the way they want to do it and stand against them politically.

Schaeffer will tell you otherwise, but it’s Liberals who use the power of the State to implement their worldview and force everyone to live under their draconian laws. (See my article “Liberal Dominionists Go on the Attack“)  It’s Liberals who want to centralize political power in a national system run by leftist elitists. It’s Liberals who want to control education, the media, healthcare, financial institutions, oil companies, and business and make us pay for their hair-brained schemes.

Schaeffer describes Cruz as a Taliban fanatic. In fact, anybody who stands against liberal “progressives” is labeled a fanatic, “dominionist,” and worse. It’s the religious equivalent of the race card. Nobody likes to be dominated. So if there’s some politician who adheres to “dominion theology,” voters will turn away in droves. But it hasn’t happened because Schaeffer’s charges are unfounded.

Anybody listening to Cruz understands that he’s not into dominating. He wants to stop the liberal domination of our lives. This includes forcing healthcare down our throats and spending and taxing us into oblivion. True dominionists are about reducing the size and scope of the authority and power of the State. Dominion is about personal responsibility in every area of life. Dominion in education means parents taking responsibility and paying for the education of their children.

Dominionists believe in a jurisdictional separation of church and state, although they don’t believe in separating God from government. I made this clear 30 years ago in my book God and Government. Today, liberal dominionists like Schaeffer believe the State is god walking on earth.God and government

Dominionists believe in civil government (Rom. 13:1-7). The Bible says that civil governors are “ministers of God” (13:4) in limited designated areas of authority.

According to Schaeffer, if duly elected representatives try to stop bad laws from going into effect, they are anarchists. If voters support their efforts, they too are anarchists. I’ve never met an anarchist who works within the confines of the law. The First Amendment says that we have a right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.” That’s what Cruz and others are doing.

Schaeffer closes with this gem:

 “And Now one of their very own — Ted Cruz — has just shut down the US government and threatens to destroy the faith and credit of America, and the world economy. Who says religion doesn’t matter?”

The last time I checked, the government isn’t shut down, and the economies of the world are doing just fine. There are parts of the government that are shut down because of a lack of funding, even though billions of dollars are coming into the tax coffers every day. It’s interesting that some of the states are taking up the slack, as it should be.

There have been 17 government “shutdowns.” Why the moral outrage now? Because Schaeffer has switched sides. He now loves Big Brother and liberal dominion.