Francois Hollande Hates the Poor, According to His Ex-Girlfriend

If Francois Hollande hates the poor, Valérie Trierweiler would know about it. Of course, she could also be exaggerating since he cheated on her. (The whole relationship is bizarre since they were never married—and their relationship began while she was still officially married. Nevertheless, she believes Hollande “cheated” on her by having sex with another woman.) She is obviously quite angry at him.


Still her testimony seems quite plausible. According to the International Business Times,

Francois Hollande’s former partner says that France’s socialist president hates the poor, in her potentially explosive memoirs she penned after the collapse of their relationship earlier this year.

In Merci Pour Ce Moment (‘Thank You For This Moment’) Valérie Trierweiler claims that, in private, the leftist leader refers to the less wealthy with scorn, calling them “the toothless”.

“He portrays himself as a man who does not like the rich. In reality, the president does not like the poor,” Trierweiler wrote. “He, the man of the left, calls them ‘the toothless’, very proud of his humour.”

In another passage leaked to French media ahead of the book’s publication, which is scheduled for tomorrow, the France’s former first lady wrote that he expressed dislike for her working-class parents.

We have here a pretty typical rationalization. People claim to love the poor and the downtrodden but can’t stand the people who they really know who they have a duty to love. If Hollande can’t be faithful to a girlfriend or respect her parents, even if there was no evidence that he despised the poor it would still be impossible to believe that held them in high regard. This would be true even if her parents had not been working class.

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It is much easier to “love” people in the abstract rather than love particular people who you know and who know you.

But it seems that Hollande had moved beyond this hypocrisy and actually despised the poor and disliked his girlfriend’s parents for being working class. This is a learning opportunity for American voters since we face candidates who claim to be champions of the poor and the middle class. Saying so doesn’t make it so.

People are acting as if it is a surprise that a socialist would despise the poor. But what does it take to be a socialist ruler? Not compassion as I’ve shown above. It takes a desire and ability to win and wield power.

That is all.